Thursday, January 19, 2012

Photo Improvement Update

This second update for the week sees some interesting improved photos.
Mainly, for the super expensive SA1 & SA2 large Japan plushes. SonicTeam...about the only people who seemed to have afforded these things did some fantastic shots, especially of the rare Hero & Dark Chaos (That EVERYONE wants--yet magically no company ever bothers to make...!) So those went on as a part of the whole 20th Anniversary preservation project.

Then there's more phone cards...including one card that raises more questions then it answers and probably isn't a phone card anyway.

Japan Decor gets a page 3, too...which is pretty impressive considering how rare a lot of the stuff is/was. MIP curtain Sonic? That'll be a new one for many people/not something anyone thought they'd see.

Remember how that Jeepers Media Anti Sopa video made it look like there was some kind of secret motivation / hidden agenda behind SOPA?

Why would companies invent pirate software, tell people to pirate with it, and then get mad when they do? It was acting like a "set up" so that they could blame the internet for what they'd done. This guy here may have figured out a "why" least 1 of them.

To stop slavery.
I'm not in the music biz, but I didn't know that "new artists" are essentially slaves working for free at record labels for years before they get to real money. But I do know that keeping slaves or acting unfair is a bad business practice.

If you do business the right way:
Provide cool value for the customer's money, act polite, don't rip people off, treat employees and customers well, and produce items you can believe in/services that really work you won't have anything to worry about.

If you do bad business:
If you steal from customers, abuse employees, make garbagey products that don't work and rely on trickery, scams, slave labor, thieving and duping people, then you'll need oppression, lies, dictators, enforcers & etc to try and force the bad method along despite everything. Good business flows, bad has to plow down everything in it's path.

If the music/movie industry really is running off slaves and phoney price inflation or something...that's a bad biz. It's like how Netflix stopped people pirating shows & movies because it:

gave customers good service at a good price
put the shows & movies easily in front of them
works most of the time
doesn't give you a virus like a torrent

Same with itunes. Who wouldn't buy a song for 99 cents? It's so easy and cheap, AND it supports the artist if you want more music/to encourage them, it's the obvious choice. Instead of going berserk with SOPA, they should of given all the money to an invention arm that'd make cool stuff at a good value for the industry & the consumer too.

In the mood for reading?
This is a longer article, but the guy seems to know what's going on: