Sunday, November 04, 2007

SonicGear- Update Delayed

The update for this week is only a small one.
So far. This update has only 1 item, a fancy case from Japan. A Sonic fan alerted me to the all jp-words page it was on, and then a Sonic-fan translated the page so I could add the item and its info to Gear. What's the message here? Sonic fans working together make Sonic Gear great for everyone!

The case turns out to be some limited edition high end polycarbonate case for your electronics or small items. A Nintendo DS will surely fit into it, but so will card games, small cameras, maybe even phones or small radio things. (It is shown in one of the photos holding what looks like darts--but why carry darts around?) Of course, it's blue...and has what could be reflective ink of some special sort for the Sonic Eyes design and logo. The description said it 'shines' but this is somewhat vague.

The dissapointing thing? It can only be ordered if you live in Japan and read Japanese. (bummer) and it's ltd edition, so there's not going to be that many of them. (bummer2) And being polycarbonate (known for hardness) it is likely expensive (bummer3) Still though, it's good to know about and to see the photos of.

What's up with the micro update?
A terrible illness has hit close to home...(not me) so time for anything...really has been cut short. The weekend was nothing short of a disaster. But because the weekend was a real time to get in the planned update. What should it be? Retail Display items. If the situation improves, the update could arrive mid-week with all manner of rare and giant Sonic things from some fan collections.