Sunday, August 28, 2005

Sonic Gear Classic Clothing Update

Updated the site today with
USA Sonic Foods
and USA Classic Clothing
I really thought I had more food images prepared, but I guess not. The classic clothing page ended up being pretty long, and theres way more to go. I am currently attempting to transfer all the older collected images out of the old file-structure and onto the site, before sorting and adding in the new stuff. It should be an easier time, but it also means delays in getting everything posted up.

There's still quite a bit to go with the site, just to have all the pages prepared, and images set on them. After that, the plan is to just keep adding images as they are discovered or permissions are granted.

The site should be search-able on the next update. The space has been prepared for the box to appear, which should be within this week. (The space says "Knuckles" whee)

I am also on the lookout for those new Sonic Cards, but havn't turned up anything yet. I figure to give it a week or so, and maybe they'll appear. You can expect the lowdown once they arrive.