Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Is Flashy Trashy? (yay for rhymes)

Happy New Year to anyone reading!
The holidays are a hectic time, but there's always time for Sonic. This one's a bit of a rant. As you'll notice on , there is a new Shadow the Hedgehog controller.

First off, why is it only for PlayStation 2?
SonicTeam is supposed to be more loyal to Nintendo, at least for THIS gen. of consoles. True, the GC controllers don't lend themselves particularly well to like splashy graphics but you have to wonder. Oh well though, at least someone is doing something Shadow related. Plus you can use it to play PSU (another Sonic Team game) when it comes for the PS2.

Next: Their site
GAH! It is another bogus all-flash site. It may or may not load. This is where flashy becomes trashy. In an effort to be 'ultra cool' they sabotage themselves by using unreliable flash. It hinders anyone with dial up, and it apparently eats their bandwidth so that if too many people visited, the site just breaks if you try to visit it.
They provide no 'non flash' solution with simple EZ load pictures and text to at least TELL you where to buy it. If money is at stake, make sure that buyers can ALWAYS buy...if someone walks away, they lose a sale. BTW...can't get it to load for you? Gear is here: go get one at a Game Spot or Stop. You don't need 5 min of waiting on flash to load to hear 1 store name. They say "December Release" but it is not confirmed. Expect photos once one is aquired.

(Thats another thing for flash sites, they prevent picture pilfering but...that actually hinders people from grabbing a pic and using it to point others in the direction of the official product site)

The other secion of the site: was also updated with a set of new embroidered patches to see. The patch/pins page was not nearly patchy enough, but now it should satisfy collectors of both until more patches are produced or further photos are found.

Here's to a great year of Sonic in 2006!