Sunday, September 30, 2007

Plushes & Mutants @ Sonic Gear

Another Sonic Plush update, this time with mutant action...

This update didn't have tons of all new stuff, but it did bring some more photos to help people see some of the items better--like solo shots of Flower Tails, and a turn-around on Pale Tails. There's also Giant Tails, but his quality is just not quite there. A real shame too, because something so big and expensive should have the quality to match. It's the "tiny iris on huge eye" that makes him just un-appealing. The other details like the 'black in ears' and non-separated fingers could be over looked a LITTLE, but if his face is off, he just doesn't look friendly or 'right'.

The hidden part of the update is that a bunch of pages are getting info fixes and additions. People have been helping out lately suppling more details and facts, but they go to so many different items that it all can't be listed among the front page update.

The Mutant Gear section got an update with new plushes (ugh why toy network, why??) and a pin. It's good/bad that the pin is in there, because it shows that not just plushes go awry.

Next week will be books for sure, as there is a TON of stuff waiting in that proverbial pile/bin/folder. There are also new pages on the way, I need to do a 'school' area for USA, JP and UK as the stuff keeps piling in--which will also mean a reorganization on the 'misc' sections to haul that stuff out of there. Also, if photos come through like I think they may, UK STC will have it's own area for all the free stuff they dispensed over the years with their comic.

Fan items and Virtual items also have to get squeezed in soon, so I'll need to figure out how to work that in as well. Also it's time to be on the lookout for Fall selection of Sonic clothes, which will be added as soon as they show up in stores.