Monday, March 20, 2017

Sonic Forces Topic & More

A video appeared that revealed the name of the "Sonic 2017 Release" game, other than Mania. And it's Sonic Forces!

As everyone had already seen...
It features a 'post apocalyptic' or 'apocalypse now' type environment, the havoc in question being wreaked by Eggman or some giant Egg Robos. Whatever it is, it's got his signature 'style stamp' on it, so you can be pretty sure who is guilty. This new footage had game play of running through a city while it burns and various bad things are going on in the background as robots attack you.

So "Forces" is probably the resistance that Sonic (and anyone else to appear in the game) have put together to go against all this badness.

Premise Speculation:
Well, with Classic AND Modern Sonic in gameplay, you've got to know that time travel is involved, just like it sort of was in Generations. So, with everything all destructed, you can likely guess what happened: Eggman somehow used time travel to go back to before ANY Sonic existed, took over everything, (because Sonic wasn't there to stop him) and what you see here is the result.

Is it good?
It sure has the potential. Sonic CD did this really well. You could use the Little Planet's Time Stones to visit the past and break something Eggman set up. This would change the 'future' version of the level, which was otherwise grim. Sonic CD is highly regarded as fun, with different ways to play through each level. If this game goes in the same direction, it could be good in the same way. ARE the Time Stones involved? How about the Little Planet? It would be GREAT to see this again, instead of them making up some all new thing or gimmick. It would help solidify continuity as well.

Opinion zone: Looks good so far. I'm intrigued.
The premise is solid enough, time stones/time travel has already been established as possible, and a scenario when 'eggman won' has never been explored.

KidRobot Makes More:
What is this trend with such super expensive stuff lately? KidRobot is back in action, this time with something like 18 or whatever 'mini vinyl keychains'. They're at Barnes & Noble so far, and are about 6 bucks each for a super tiny AND blindboxed keychain. They look nice, each item is 3D/figure or a game box with good detail. They're not all perfect (of course) with "dying Sonic" looking kind of goofy/wrong, but on the whole, they're good.
But they're just so so so expensive for something blindpacked. The flying Tails is cute (for example), bur your chance of getting him is low, and at 6 dollars or so that's fairly disappointing for kids.

Item of the week:
Charmy Bee Plush!
Just look at this guy! GE has done an excellent job with this doll, and it really shows in all the good proportions and good details. It makes it even sadder and more of a big shame that they're losing the license. You can easily guess that nobody is EVER going to make a Charmy Bee plush this good again. Nobody could hold a candle to their other 'non main' character dolls. Their Espio beat the only other one (Fighters) easily. Go buy him now now now at the Gear Store if you want to complete the Chaotix. No other company is going to respect these rare characters this much to do this well and at this good of a price point.

Next week:
More stuff from Japan, for sure. Also the Sonic X sneakers will finally get the good look they deserve in a photo spread. (There's just so much detail)