Monday, October 17, 2016

Sonic With Fine Art & Arby's Fast Food?

Quite some topics for the Gear Site Blog this time!
First off, UK area Sonic fans will be in for a treat as there are...Fine Art goings on for Sonic in store for the future there? Apparently so. Some sort of limited time exhibits will open up. These will of course, be considered "Sonic Places" so...

Anyone who's going to such an art exhibit...Sonic Gear needs photos of these events/the items/the rooms/ whatever it is they have going on.

When? December 2016, starting Dec. 1
Where? Art galleries associated with Washington Green
What's there? Paintings, Mixed Media & Sculptures
Can you buy something? Supposedly 'limited quantities of some items'

Who has an article about it?

Everyone will be super curious about this, nothing like it has ever happened before. Hopefully some England/Near a "Washington Green" gallery fan can go there and send in photos because fans are world-wide & can't all go.

What about Arby's?
Arby's the fast food restaurant has a fun & funny Twitter account and they appear to really respect video games! They use creative and artistic cardboard to make little scenes with their food...and created quite a stir when they used their Pumpkin Smoothie to make Pumpkin Hill...complete with a Knuckles cut-out! (And check out the bent up fence like the game, also)

It doesn't mean they're doing a toy promo or anything...
It's just all in good fun for the fans. Of course, there are cool & creative responses, using more fast food photos, so it's great to see Sonic characters in the spotlight/being loved by advertisers and fans alike. What good press!

You can see it at

I guess this is a fan item, but it's also by a company at the same time? Maybe it's a first. News supplied by Taaron.

The update itself:
Info seems in short supply this time. What's the prize card? Where's the Eggman hat? Has anyone even seen any of the more recent Boom stuff, these school supplies included? Is any of it actually going to come out? The mystery of the 1947 continues with another jean jacket featuring this as yet unsolved 'slogan' or whatever it is. Also why did they use such bad art = a literal porcupine for the embroidery...Hedgehogs are rounded and have short dense quills not the long string hairs or whatever that has. It's just a really strange thing to make a merchandise around.

Item of the week...probably:
Tomy's classic figures. VERY good to see them learning their lesson after that just awful Boom packaging. The whole thing's enclosed so no more broken/stolen/dirty/ruined figures no one will buy. The price seems steep, but articulation is unknown & so is quality at this time so can't really tell if it's justified or not with the price. SonicGear will, however, have a full review of the figures whenever possible/turn arounds/someone gets them.

*Unlike a lot of the Boom figures I rather imagine someone will end up getting these/sending photos or Gear itself can. They're actually fairly appealing if they can live up to their prices.

Next Week:
Japan items. Hopefully less mysteries. Possibly Tomy,