Monday, February 27, 2017

GE Plush to Lose Sonic License: Buy All Dolls Now!

Bad news this week, and it's best to get it out of the way first.

GE Entertainment is LOSING the Sonic license in APRIL 2017

This means that the USA's best plush maker for Sonic will be gone. It seems likely that they didn't give the license up, but rather that its getting taken away from them.

What did they do?
TONS of stuff, they were never just dolls. There were accessories, homegoods, the Knuckles Gloves and more, all quality stuff that was reasonably priced. If you go to SonicGear and do a search for GE, loads of pages of stuff will turn up. GE's a super company that everyone always seemed really happy with.

The Plush:
Their plush line was larger than EVERY other line EVER for Sonic.
Not even Japan UFO machine selections could beat them. They had plush for

Sonic Super Sonic Classic Sonic
Knuckles & Classic Knuckles
Tails & Classic Tails
Shadow Super Shadow
Amy Rose Classic Amy
Cream Rabbit
Big the Cat
Rouge the Bat
Charmy Bee
Jet Hawk
Wave Swallow
Storm Albatross
Chaos 0 Boss
Metal Sonic
Neutral Chao

And the quality was consistently good!
And the prices were consistently reasonable too. Not this 15 dollars for a 7 inch doll stuff. They didn't make this big, stupid errors that companies keep doing.

What should you do?
Buy ALL that you want NOW: GE Sonic Plush Collection at Amazon or else.
Or else what?
The prices on these things are going to go through the roof, pronto. If you think Rouge the bat is pricey now, just wait till nobody ever produces her again & see what happens to GE's nice one. If you're being speculative & have space, stocking up on rare characters could lead to bundles of money down the road.

Does anyone actually believe Tomy is going to step in and make Blaze the Cat?
Chaos 0? And that they'd actually look good? It's not happening. Their boom obsession is far too large, and they're too into "Zany variant big-head or cutie pie" re-re-re-shiny-releases of the same few characters.
So if you want these plushes and have been holding off it's basically now or never. It's not like there aren't new Sonic fans turning up all the time, and getting into characters like Espio & Jet the Hawk. It's fans like these that drove up the 800+ dollar Rouge the Bat Japan plush when there were no other options to get a doll of her. It's terrible and sad news because fans SHOULD be able to have merch and cool stuff of their favorite characters at reasonable prices. The blog & Gear will continue to warn all the way up until the end.

After all that bad news, how about some good news?
Item of the Week: F4F Silver!
F4F has released photos of their upcoming big (17 inches!) Silver display figure! Of course, it's 100% amazing. The fact that Silver had psychic energy that glows was a PERFECT match for F4F's need of light up figures and it works just so. well. here. Their sculptors of course do a wonderful job, and the figure is completely collectible-amazing. There's even a video about it in the description on Gear, so if you're a Silver fan at all, this needs to be seen.

Next Week:
Probably more older stuff. As in, stuff that got sent in but not placed right away. A lull in releasing of new things has led to clearing up the mail some.