Sunday, March 05, 2006

Frusterations & Futures

This was a weekend of frusterations as well as minor good things.

First off, is some butt-monkey (Name King) stole the ideal name for Sonic gear by buying up the domain name on the DAY that it was to be taken by me. Not sure what to do about it, except write them and see what can be done to get it. I have an evil theory that those "check to see if a domain name is unregistered" buttons are actually secret squealers. Like, if you type in the name you want, then hit 'check it', it WILL check it for you, but then it also lets some skeeving company know the name you wrote so they can buy it first, and then rip you off when you want it.

Sound rotten? Yea, but it's a helluva deal for NameKing and their domain raiding gurilla tactics. No it's not illegal or anything, but it's rotten to do. They're not even USING it for Sonic content, it's just a bunch of irrelevant links. It remains to be seen if they will give it up...or what their price may be...

It was UNBELIEVABLY frusterating to find those squatters on my name, after it was free and clear the day before.

Why the move though?
Basically, the web was out of space. The old host had a rediculously low amount of space, but a rather reasonable price for it. It had unlimited sub-domains as well (that's why gear has nothing to do with but is still sitting as it's subdomain)

Gear is a large site, but to host all the great pictures, cool info, useful tools, and fun articles YOU require, the old joint wasn't cutting it. When the site is transferred, there will be loads of great fun content and even an ebay tool.

With StartLogic Hosted by StartLogic the site only costs $7.50 or $4.50/mo (if you do 1 or 2 years) and gives you FIVE GIGS of space! (the old had like 80mb, for any/all sites) And 3 sub-domains AND you can get TEN .coms for just 10 bucks a piece (only pay once) and then host 'em all on your original account! That is so easy! Push the start logic button above to read about it or buy it if you want to move your page.

With a deal like that, Gear just HAS to switch. Hopefully the move will go smoothly, and everyone will be able to find gear at its new spot. But no matter what, with it's own domain Sonic Gear's future is looking cool!