Monday, June 13, 2011

E3 Update 2011

Miss out on E3? Not live in California?
SonicGear (and about a zillion other places) have some coverage. You'll notice the E3 theme with the 2nd half of the update. Mascot suits, booth shots, the Generations statues, the cake, and a video are all part of the deal. The bounty of photos is spread into the appropriate categories on the site, and it made for quite a large update this time.

The booth this year seemed nice, the timeline effect for the walls was a good idea too. I'm disappointed in the modern Sonic statue, the eye is certainly a bit wonky and the body is strangely put together with giant belly dot. They've produced better statues (and worse ones too you know) so it's kind of unfortunate to see it slip.

The cake. Good concept, nice stars, cool level loop execution but who made the Sonic? Yikes. I didn't want to say anything on the entry, but I've seen better fan fondant work. Professionals need model sheets just as much as the next fan. Never underestimate fan power, either.

The swag: Seems like decent enough stuff. 2 shirts and a pair of carded buttons. It's normal, and it makes sense. These will def. be collectible since they're likely event exclusives. A large amount of the spikes hats were also given away, but those aren't new nor exclusive to E3.

The mail was actually a mega-flood this week.
Video page will not be added this week, nor the next. It could take 3 updates to make this thing work, even just get the mail back down to the previous week's total. Why did it happen this way? E3 coincidence with everything else flooding real reason, I guess.

Be on the lookout for an extra archie post next.


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