Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Birthday Week: 20th Anniv Update #1

First blog post is kind of a double for the first 2 updates.
As everyone knows...it's Sonic's Birthday Week! Which means once again, SonicGear will celebrate with updates every single day of the week.

Why the double-covering entry/delay?
Keyboard malfunction. Wasn't aware the things could actually go wrong unless you spilled something on them. Used the last one until all the buttons were smooth, only upgraded because the new one had bells and or whistles. However the L key has completely lost the letter so it is blank. Don't make them like they used to? I guess NOT because it spontaneously quit working earlier in the evening. Vigorous shaking+unplugging+plugging back in fixed it. No idea why.

On to the update/s!
We've got everything going on so far that a bday update should have. A new page (UK books 3) a bday specific item (20th anniv Games Master book) and many things in general being added in a nice mix. (Old Japan shirts to new USA Game Guides...you can't say variety is lacking)

The UK is good at giving it away:
What is it with UK area publishers/producers of stuff and give-aways? Sonic the Comic was apparently regularly coming with all sorts of prizes. And now, here comes GamesMaster Magazine releasing some kind of Sonic supplement. It's got stickers, pins, pull out posters and semi-rare Japanese graphics. They apparently know how to do things right/give fans what they want. Other places can learn a thing or two about super supplements from here.

What's upcoming?
Better blog post. Running out of time on them is no good. There will also be more shirts, more magazines and several things going OFF of 'international unknown'--which is always good...so keep an eye on it if you were curious about things.


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