Monday, April 03, 2006

Updates Again!

As you may have noticed...
Sonic Gear is once again reciving actual content updates. The previous updates were for search-engine finding purposes...yes that pesky google search bar STILL doesn't do a darn thing. And it won't, until some of my efforts to 'get found' work out.

How do you like the 'themed updates'? Last week was Chao, this week was a whole new section 'fan items'. I figure fan art is pretty common, and there's no way any 1 site on the internet could hope to collect it all. (I think it infringes on people too, if you try) but actual 3D ITEMS made by fans, those fit in with the stuff theme, and are a bit harder to run across--a nice candidate for

Next up on the list is an Ebay tool. I've been wanting to add one of these for some time now. Supposedly, it brings all visitors fresh Sonic the Hedgehog spacific auctions right on the front page, and you just have to click/sign into Ebay if you want to bid. Since Ebay is where a whole lot of the gear comes from, this would be extra great for fans! (I mean, there's always over 1000 Sonic things on there, why sift thru it when Gear can bring you streight to it!)

Anyway, back to campaigning like heck! Let's get that search bar going!


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