Monday, February 19, 2007

Super Sonic Gear Explained

Missed last week's post. D'oh.
Last week the Super Sonic Gear section went up, with only the most awesome of Sonic the hedgehog merchandise. This section is sort of an opposite for Mutant Gear which has the worst stuff. The worst may bring a lot of laffs, but it needs to be balanced to show that Sonic can have really exceptional things as well.

The Super Gear is judged on being "exceptional" in SOME way--not necisarily that it is awesome looking. Like, a prime candidate is that primitive little skateboard pvc Sonic guy. That thing would be considered "Mediocre" at best in this day and age. But it is exceptional because it is the FIRST Sonic item ever made that wasn't a game. If it's little story is true, then it is what got everything afterward started. Surely it deserves its place in history.

The other items include a silver ring and that crystal cube, both for sheer cost (you'll pay a bundle to get either one--and did when they were new as well!) and their interesting substance, as well as decent design.

The debate on Super Sonic gear is whether or not to include actual Super Sonic items. Sure instances showing him yellow and all that are rare, but are they by nature, super? I know of an eraser, a plush and an enamel pin, streight off that are Super Sonic. But the plush is rather normal (Just yellow) and the pin has an error of coloring on it and looks to be a knockout of an old Archie art--of normal Sonic that they pallet swapped. Of all that is the eraser, which has an actual illustration of his spikes being different and shows him in outer space. But it is a cardboard sleeve over an eraser! How super is that? The debate goes on.


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