Wednesday, June 06, 2012

See EGGMAN on the BIG screen! Wreck It Ralph!

Special Announcement!
See Eggman in the movies! Could this be the biggest cameo yet for a Sonic character?

Eggfans may celebrate when they see what's going on with the new movie Wreck It Ralph. It's coming from Disney, is all CG, and will appear in November of 2012. The first trailer is online now, and Eggman's right there! Check it out :

He's an actual character that moves around, not some background image, caricature, reference, or name-drop as most cameos are. Will he talk? Will he play a part? In the 'villain support group' so far just Zangeif says something. But you can spot a Pacman ghost (the orange one--is that Clyde?) as well as M. Bison. There are other villainous types like a zombie and maybe a vampire/dark elf or somesuch. Plus an 'evil robot' but it's nothing Eggman made. Will we see...SONIC??

Mario Fans! You're not left out...there's Bowser too!

Only time will tell if the heroes show up.
What kind of strange miracles did Disney have to pull to get Sega, Capcom, Nintendo and whoever made QBert & Packman to say yes to all this? Heck, Sega can't even reign in its own things good enough to free Ray, Mighty, Metal Knuckles & The Tails Doll from their legal mire...and that's their OWN GUYS. Who knows what took place here.

Wreck it Ralph has been known about for some time, though not that much press. It was thought of as 'interesting' because it had such potential to tap at video game society and really be fun.

Who else can you spot here?
What are the parodies?

There ARE more, post if you know 'em!
Someone said that Zombie is an actual one from something because of the double wield axes.

Interesting stuff to see!


Blogger SuperSpindasher said...

The Zombie is from another SEGA game series called House of the Dead, the purple rhino is from another SEGA game called Altered Beast.

4:58 PM  

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