Friday, March 16, 2012

Toyfair 2012 - Chaotix Box Set from Jazwares

Somewhat of a regular update.
Managed to get most things posted monday/tuesday so that's kind of good, at least. As you'll notice, there was a toyfair over the weekend...probably you have seen things from MyLittle Pony FIM (quite popular!) especially because Hasbro seems to be recognizing the fans (uncommon for super huge companies that tend to feel 'my way or the highway' toward customers) , as is evidenced by actually coloring characters properly & releasing fan favorite DJ Pon-3 figure. As well as TMNT & etc...but those are the giant names.

But where's Jazwares?
Well, they were there too, and the first picture has come in for you to see on SonicGear. They're doing a Chaotix Multipack of figures, possibly with accessories. It's just a mock up with cardboard cut outs, but it shows that they're going to add Charmy the Bee (finally) While he's the least-popular of the Chaotix, people sill want him, and he should be included, so this is a good move. Did they show anything else? Unknown.

New Gacha:
Surprisingly, Tomy's new Gacha thing hit the shelves before hitting the internet. This time, it's "Danglers" which are multi -use keychain type deals but you can also use them as phone charms, memory stick identifiers, or just anything that needs a doo-dad on it.

Opinion Zone:
Good idea. They're cheaper, at 2.99 each, and the sculpts are good for the most part. They look just like the stock art they're based on so there's nothing off model. However, not all of the poses translated that well from 2d to 3d figure so...ok.
Also, WHY WHY WHY 2 Sonics! He's already in the packs in a higher amount than the other figures, so now you're dealing with 2 of him? I tried to buy these things and got THREE of the SAME Sonic out of 4 packs picked up. Annoying. (last 1 was a Tails) Causing customer dissatisfaction isn't the goal with products.

Plus, these things aren't a less-well-done version of something else you already own, but in a format that's harder to buy. (ref. the 'mini gacha figures' in balls) Also, the packs (not balls) fit better into that cardboard dispenser thing so there's more of them and 1 person 'raiding' doesn't like run the whole store out of it for everyone else like it did with the balls.

Hopefully they do another set of these, but throw on Super Sonic, Amy, Blaze, Rouge, Chaotix, Silver, Metal Sonic or a Chao or something. Heck, you could do a whole SET with the various chao types (Hero, Dark, Fly, Swim etc) maybe do a rare one that is from that 'shiny egg' you could get. That would be a fun gimmick to go after, maybe.


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