Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Israel & Korea Added to SonicGear

2 New pages join SonicGear this week!
It's Israel & Korea. These pages have been meant to be added for quite some time now, but floods of other stuff kept them away. There's interesting stuff to see at both! Which starts the question....

Why only now?
Why are these pages turning up with several items only now in 2011, and not around the time of Sonic X when a lot of the stuff was clearly made? (Most of it is X devoted) To further add questions...Gear DOES have a translation button for Korean, so it SHOULD show up in their searches. But as of yet, no Korea person has ever turned up with an item, or ever written to Gear. Israel is understandable because there's no button for Hebrew and the Arabic one is generally on the fritz. (Both of those are it's official languages)

Almost all of the things you see there were discovered by SonicTeam.
During their 20th Anniversary retrospective thing (in Japanese only site) They highlighted a bunch of rare and interesting merch they'd gotten their hands on. That's what the pictures are from. They were archived & added to Gear because who knows how long that anniversary special page will be left up, and such a cool image stash shouldn't be wasted by being taken down. It should be preserved for the fans to see it forever.

HOPEfully more stuff for both of these places comes in.
The stuff is varied, cool & good quality looking. And if there's that much...there's likely more.

There will be another update for the week.
An abundance of bootlegs kept the new regular stuff away for a bit. What should go on next?
Wave Swallow MIB
Tails Free Riders turn arounds
Bunch of Japan stuff
Fan stuff
Anything else that fits in the amount of time

With the holidays coming up it's also important to try and keep the Gear Store in top shape as well to help stamp out the fakers by providing links to as much real stuff (that's not sold out!) as possible.

Hoping also to do a review on the Archie big Sonic book thing/foil cover whateverness coming up for the blog. Keeps getting put off due to abundance of stuff/still trying to catch up with the mail.


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