Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Sonic NonFans & the Trolling Items

Educational blog post alert!
This week's topic is "Trolling Items" which usually involves "Trolling Art". You can see stuff that fits into this category all around the internet, on places like youtube, tumblr & more. It certainly has no place on SonicGear, but it should be explained and acknowledged.

What is it?
FAKE "fan art" or other "fan" things involving Sonic that are made by non fans and are deliberately nonsensical, offensive, or bad-on-purpose.

Why do this?
To make Sonic of the fandom look bad. Since it is by it's very definition of the word "Trolling" it is specifically made to "Troll" the Sonic fandom and make ACTUAL fans look bad or make them get mad in some way. It's done to antagonize actual fans and bring scorn / ridicule / etc onto the fandom from non fans or casual fans. "Oh look how stupid / insane / uncreative Sonic fans are, that they would make something like this and post it up, haha!"

It can also just be an attention grab.
If you want people to look at your art/story/whatever, and it's all original content, it can be difficult to get it seen. But slap a "Sonic!" on there and at least Sonic fans will look, no matter what it is. Saying it has Sonic content gets eyes on the item. (for better or worse)

What are examples?
Shadow & Shrek the Ogre
Yes, THAT Shrek, the one from the movies, is supposedly in love with Shadow but he dies or something. Comics, bad pixel art & other goofy things of their "epic serious love story" are around. It's like a meme or a running gag.

Deliberately awful "fan characters"
Posting up doctored art of supposed "fan characters" that are really horrible on purpose or have no effort put into them. This is to perpetuate the "funny myth" that every Sonic fan has 5 color swap clones of already existing characters and constantly mashes in bizarre fetishes and loves ignoring Sonic while focusing only on OCs. "Wow, Sonic fans actually love stuff like this, they must all be horrible" (that's the goal of these trolls)

Sonic & Religion
Religion is guaranteed to offend someone. So by making up absurdly religious comics & fan art where Sonic (or someone else) is crying while professing his true love to their deity of choice they can troll all sorts of people. This also includes religion bashing too, where the characters purposely dump on a religious book or concept so as to offend people on purpose.

This dance video here is suspected of it:
Original show credit is supposed to be Ellos Tambien Bilan, which is They/male Also Dance (I guess) in Spanish. (Discovered by The Ultimate Hedgehog) People in weird Sonic head character suits dance around in strange ways to a bunch of random music. Yeah they're really coordinated, but the Sonic theme is pretty random.

What isn't it?
Satire doesn't count. Making fun of something isn't pretending that you like it while sabotaging it. Dumb Running Sonic (Where various kooky funny Sonic designs run in the silliest way possible) does not count because it acknowledges it is wacky on purpose & invites fans to make .gifs. Complaining doesn't count either. Complainers generally seek to point out what's wrong in order to bring about improvement. Really strange lone people with unknown intentions but really prolific portfolios....who actually knows. Such as the whole "evil Sonic.EXE" fad, (this was actually a game modification) whoever wants Cammy StreetFighter to marry Sonic, the people who say they worship the Tails Doll (lest it eat them), and other various fad related things.

Not everything on the internet is posted in seriousness.
Some people act like they're seriously a fan, when really they're just planting this stuff as a troll. It's generally fairly harmless as long as you keep in mind that it's trolling and they're doing it poorly on purpose. There probably isn't anything that can be done about it. But it's a curious phenomenon.


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