Monday, February 10, 2014

USA Stuff Update & News

This week had only USA stuff.
Oddly enough, it works out that way sometimes with the items that are sent in. A lot more clothing despite the fact that all the stuff is short sleeve tees and it's the middle of winter. I guess  Sears & the internet doesn't care what the weather is doing anywhere. (Still, I always say any time is a good time to buy a Sonic shirt if it has a design you really like)

F4F First 4 Figures announcement:
Remember how it was mentioned they were doing a "Sega All Stars" line of figures? (Nothing to do with the allstars racers games) Everyone wondered who all would be on it, etc. Well the first one is coming out and the answer is:

Akira Yuki

The guy from Virtua Fighter games. It's the 'game like' incarnation of him (looks older, crankier) rather than the anime incarnation (younger, somewhat pleasant) The white uniform is very very textured, the pose is Chinese martial arts (as expected) and it seems over-all decent if you need a figure of him. It seems like a good opening figure for the line, and should make people confident in it.

#But how many Virtua Fighter fans are there?
I actually have no idea how big of a fanbase this game has. How many people really dig this guy? It's less than Street Fighter & it's large & varied cast, I would assume. Hopefully it's enough to keep the All Stars line working along. I'm curious to see who else they will choose without a banana car fiasco*.  Does the statue represent him really well to his fans? I can't really judge it properly because I don't know enough.

Item of the week: Silver SBK Loose
Has to be this figure! It's just a company photo, but the loose shot came in for him this week. The metallic paint looks super & the shoes/boots are nicely colored. I'm not 100% sure of the sword size, does it match the game or is it a tad small? Either way, the figure genuinely looks good so far. I really want to get this and inspect it for close ups.

Sonic Boom:
Going to do a series of blog posts to talk about this and what it means for SonicGear , then link each post directly/permanently (for however long) in the "News" area on the front page. So everybody wrap your dolls in toilet paper, we're getting ready for Hulkles and his bandaid buddies. (or whatever trendy names Boom is having thrown at it this particular week)

Next week:
Probably some older submissions. There hasn't been an amazing amount of new stuff recently, nor submissions. Not real sure what's going on with that, but if it gives a chance to catch up, well so much the better for now at least.

*Banana car fiasco: what happened when Sega assumed everyone liked their ai ai & amigo monkeys as much as they did Sonic.


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