Thursday, February 06, 2014

Sonic Boom! 1st Facts Blog Post

Sonic Boom.

New show they teased a while back, new game announced today for DS & Wii U. Okaaaaaaaay let the ASDFRAGE of the interweb begin!

Or not.
This is the Gear blog, let's lay out some facts first:

We have a confirmation on that from official sources and SOA president as well. The so called "Boom Style" will NOT REPLACE the style that is in place now for neither modern nor classic Sonic.

2. We will have to "deal with it" for a period of time.
Like it? Hate it? Too bad, because they're going to be marketing it all over the place. Why?

3. It was "Made for America" and "Made to appeal to a younger audience"
This is what's been said to the press. The other fact is, it's a company, they spent a bunch of money and they are going to make it try to succeed because they believe it is good and right.

*These 2 things.......they never work. They never go as intended. "Baby-ifying" anything for the tots has never worked, but companies never actually learn this. But it means the goobers who said "complicate everything/change everything/maek4babby" have to push it down everyone's throats in an effort to seem successful even if it stinks. Look up all the other franchises that did this. I think only Muppet Babies worked?

4. The show is tied into the games & features teamwork
They're going to act like having Sonic characters work together is something all new that they just made up (yeah Chaotix, Heroes yeah...uh huh) so that's the gimmick that they have said for Boom.

5. TOMY will be making toys for this.
What does that mean? Will JW continue with the "normal" Sonic figures? As you know, Tomy is international, so Australia, Canada, USA, Europe, some South America areas, etc will probably get toys if they really want to push hard, because Tomy already sells Sonic things in all of these places. That's good news if you like the look...........and they do a good job.

So, for now:
This will be a show on Cartoon Network and ONLY 2 Games on WiiU & DS. Something about CryEngine3 & new developers doing the games. New devs' arent a surprise because we've had Traveller's Tales & whoever else down the line, and it never stopped anyone from calling the games "Sonic Games".

That's it for the mini facts briefing--more posts to follow on character re-designs, more facts, opinions & information as it rolls in.


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