Thursday, February 06, 2014

Black Knight Silver & Knuckles - Released

This week brings some (that people feel is long over due) good news.

Sonic & Black Knight 5 inch Jazwares Silver & Knuckles figures ARE released.
They're showing up in people's Toys R Us's. So far, someone has only sent a picture of the Silver, but both are being released at the same time. (According to JW)

Why is this good?
The "Sonic Section" at Toys R Us'es were dwindling. In most stores it used to occupy part of 1 aisle. Most stores changed it to a single end-cap, shared with other brands, often not on the "main aisle" of the store, but toward an outer one that not everyone sees. Sounds like a bummer move doesn't it?

It was well deserved.
All-stars monkey cars, poorly made scruffy dolls and things from YEARS ago, as well as re-re-re-re-release poorly done Super Poser Sonic & Shadow are just going to sit around stinking up shelves and not making the store any money. Of course they're going to hide these things in favor of toys that actually sell. According to clearance bins everywhere, those Erector Sets All Stars things didn't do so well either. (Sorry guys, Sonic fans don't always equal "random car fans who can't get enough cars for no apparent reason")

It's time to bring back action figures & toys.
Notice I didn't say "cars" or "poorly made over priced dolls" or "keychains", the word was figures and toys. That's what's going to keep TRU selling Sonic stuff, and it's super important. That whole "Branching out into Target & Walmart" thing seems to have flopped. Nobody's seen a single figure there. I also imagine JW would fail hard if they were only selling online because anyone who finds their stuff in online stores (hobby shops, Amazon, wherever) the markup is always like 3 or 4 times what JW Suggested Retail is.
They DONT have the quality to command this.
Sure Goodsmile (that Nendoroid expensive company) has the quality to command 40 dollar figures, but anyone who pays more than regular retail for JW's shabby "fake Super Sonic poser" will fly into a disappointment fueled rage.

How's that Silver?
Early opinion is good. They've got the detachable visor, his unique Sword and the armor looks detailed and properly colored. (Hopefully that purple tint Shadow gets fixed) Silver's a little frowny/aggravated looking, but really getting him out of the package is the best way to tell. I'm a total figure collector so I personally can't wait for these to come out here. I hope they stock enough.

What else will there be?
Sonic & Shadow will re-release with these guys. Hopefully the Shadow is fixed, and they put plenty of the new figures with few of the old ones in the retail bulk boxes. Otherwise you get the problem of the Free Riders: Sonic & Jet who have been out forever/everyone already owned hogging shelf space while each box only had 1 or 2 of Wave or Storm...who everyone didn't have, but wanted.

Item of the week:
The old CES Sonic 3 statue. And not because it's good, just because it's unusual, old, and seldom seen. It also raises the question of "why can't they get fiberglass right?" Obviously fiberglass big stuff like that is a ton of money, so why are almost all fiberglasses AWFUL? It had been known since Sonic 2 that his spikes aren't rows of flat shark fins on his head. So why let them sculpt it like that? And it's not like this thing was the last mutant fiberglass too, "they" have been making goofy mistake Sonics all the way up through Sonic Adventure 2.

Next week:
HOPEfully more Jazwares, some Deadly 6 stuff, and probably clothing.


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