Monday, March 03, 2014

More Clothing (and then more) A Break from Boom

Wellllll ran out of time last update.
It was NOT supposed to be all about Boom, but it ended up that way because it didn't get a 2nd half. This update saw the last 2 known/seen Boom prototypes and then a bunch of regular stuff.

Item of the week:
Orange "Here to Party" tee. Why? NEW Sonic modern stock art. Yay, we get another pose & it's fun and distinct. Good on them. Now lets get new poses for ALL the chars too, as stock art as well. I think this tee is the first merch it appears on. Breakdancing (in my opinion) is also cool, so naturally I'm prone to liking the pose. It's fun & active. I hope it gets used but not over-used like...

Jumping-Twist overload
Like what, half the things posted this week have this pose? Bit of an overload. I am hoping it's just a coincidence that all these things turned up at once or people will think it's all the same tee.

Small but probable warning:
Stop customizing Jazwares figures. If you have extra figures it may be starting to be a good idea to hang onto them. With Boom on the horizon "regular Sonic" may get dumped into the back seat or dumped entirely out of the toy aisle. It's not guaranteed to happen, but caution should be used anyway because:

*JW figures are fragile
*Audience of 'little kids' breaks figures more often
* Supposed "boys toys"* also get abused/broken more
* Look at what happened to those at-the-time undesirable weird whacky Toy Island ones like the spacefighters and that Big who could barely move....they're worth many times the original value now just because you can't get them any more

**The split on Sonic fandom in actuality is supposedly 55 boys 45 girls, so its more evenly split than anyone lets on if that figure is true. However which one buys the most action figures? I don't think anybody knows for sure. Do girls actually break stuff less? Who knows. The "for sure" thing that people do know, is when they find a 2nd hand figure at a flea or a garage sale / yard sale / etc more often than not it is wrecked somehow or doesn't work.

If something is changing / you know new marketing is going on that is a cue for YOU the collector to start hanging onto stuff just a little tighter. Can't predict the future but shelves in stores only have so much space.

I hope all this is needless paranoia.

Next update:
Moaaar clothing. And a ride?


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