Monday, February 10, 2014

How will SonicGear Handle Sonic Boom?

So. SonicBoom.
It's a show! It's a game! It's...apparently going to be a big marketing thing where they try to produce tons of goods with the "boomstyle" in order to make it popular.

If you like the Sonic Boom Style
If you don't like the Sonic Boom Style

It doesn't matter because they are going to be making merchandise with it and SonicGear is going to have to catalog and show that merchandise. Opinion posting will be found elsewhere, this is just an info post on what's going to happen to it & how it relates to the site. The decision is based on facts that are known right now because stuff's got to get sorted.

Sonic Boom will be separated:
SonicGear will get a NEW section on the index page (like how "usa stuff" and "japan stuff" etc is now) with a title card and categories under it. It'll act like a country section all by itself. Boom merch will always be separate from all the other types of regular merch old & new.

Sonic Boom stuff will categorize differently:
ALL of Boom is going to be under the 'boom' heading. It's not going to be separated by country (like the rest of Gear...that country sep. is done to make the stuff easier to buy for the fans--you have to know right away where something is from before you can go looking for it) It will be separated by CATEGORY only. Like "food" or "clothes" or "action figures". The country/s the item is available in will be listed at the top of the entry for that item. So...

USA * Canada * UK Area
Blah blah this is the Boom Sonic figure of the # scale by Tomy it costs X.xx dollar and description etc.


USA * Germany
Blah blah this is the Boom Sonic & Tails blue tee shirt it costs X.xx dollar and description etc.

Would be how it goes, along with the picture/s of the thing. It'll still be find-able, searchable and the area of release will still be easy to tell.

All this stuff should make Boom easy to add to the site, easy to submit to the site & easy to look over while on the site. So that's pretty much the goal for everybody.

Boom is not replacing ANY form of Sonic. It's its own separate thing
Regular Sonic merchandise & SonicGear normal things will continue normally

*Speculation Zone*
I figure Boom will be like the Werehog, but not as extreme. It'll have it's fans and its haters, and it'll have it's time period too.
There will probably be a LOT of stuff made for it, because they've said so. How well it will do and how long it will stay will depend 100% on THE SHOW , not the games. Because it's been proven that a good show will sell anything to anybody. (Looking at you Friendship Magic My Ponies!) It's also been proven that critically panned & near unplayable (loading time 06) games won't stop fans from buying merch and more games in the future. The Boom games can be drivel & the merch will still go wild if the show is good.

If it stinks...
If the show is no good & the games aren't either, there will be stuff still, but it won't last & it'll just get squared away in its own corner of Gear and that's it. Since this is the speculation zone though, I kind of bet the show won't stink.


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