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Consider SonicBoom an "AU"

More Boom info to post/archive...
Pretty much what's come out officially so far seems to be the theme of "Consider Boom to be an AU" (AU= Alternate Universe) They don't say it in as much words, I guess because AU is such a "fan terminology" that they wouldn't dirty themselves with using something so internet like that*.

Most people consider the fact a bit of good news.
If you like Boomstyle, & dubstep and whatever else that's great because you can enjoy it in it's AU
If you don't like it, or you dislike 1 aspect or another, it's good because it won't "Infest" everything else

*Ugh. The internet and its terms aren't somehow magically inferior to everything else all the time. Corporate people, you're allowed to say words your audience knows the definition of, or explain people the definition if you don't think they're sure. Nothing bad will happen if you try to relate to fans on the internet by telling them things with a term they know. (That's totally about the method of explaining something, regardless of the actual content)

Stuff that has been published about Boom, gathered into 1 place with some commentary is below!

“It’s a Cartoon Network series, so it has to work for kids, but the goal is to make a smart, funny comedy that will play on two levels," says Sonic Boom executive producer and showrunner Evan Baily. "We never write down to the audience and we tell stories that are really complex for kids TV. The goal has been from the beginning to make something that fans will love and kids will love.”

GOOD. That's what My Little Pony friendship is magic did, and look what happened to it. It went berserk and got about a zillion fans into it out of completely left-field because the show was good. Do you know the actual history of pony shows? It's actually very interesting

G1 Show - 80s action show. Action you say? Yes, they actually fought some kind of satanic centaur hell demon in an episode. People/ponies were getting turned into gross dragons or something. Evil cat woman was also reportedly squashing cute woodland creatures to gain eternal youth or power or something with a scary machine. Why is this not on Netflix again?

G3 Show - Very pastel show with simple plots written for little kids, only had a couple of movies and never got new fans to like ponies because it wasn't "Very good" for everybody. Vague morals & songs.

G3.5 Show - Mutant baby creatures that didn't look like ponies did basically nothing. They were supposed to be cute, because clearly, colorful pony-looking-ponies aren't cute enough. Written for 2 year olds. Failed hard.

G4 Show - Friendship is Magic. Like it or hate it, it worked for a lot of people because they weren't morons when they wrote it & didn't try to "Make it for babies".

Sonic Boom will be supported by a robust global licensing and merchandising program, anchored by new master toy partner TOMY. TOMY’s line will showcase the new character looks, stressing interaction between core characters, and will feature new play patterns based on both the new game and TV series. TOMY will develop a comprehensive toy range across a broad number of categories including plush, action figures, RC, role play, vehicles and novelty. Sonic fans can expect a high-quality, collectible toy line fueled by TOMY innovation and energized with speed, lights, sounds, motion-activation and action-performance. SEGA will launch a broad licensing program across multiple categories including toys, apparel, publishing, accessories, food and beverage, health and more – making this one of the biggest license initiatives SEGA has undertaken in recent years. The company will enlist many of its current partners who have had tremendous success with Sonic over the past years while seeking new licensees to join this exciting new Sonic licensing program.

Sonic Boom health care YEAAAAAA let's be like Hulkuckles! Scarves for everyone GO!
All jokes aside "High Quality Collectible Toy Line" sounds interesting, there hasn't been anything motion activated before and what is "Action Performance".

“We want to ensure that the Sonic brand continues to evolve and appeal to new generations of Sonic fans and this different look introduces a fresh approach that will be at once both familiar and new to consumers,” said John Cheng, President & COO, SEGA of America. “We are committed to supporting this initiative to provide great entertainment to fans for all aspects of their lives.”

Yeah ok.

#4 Boom Will Have no show to show continuity.
Any ep can be played in any order because it sounds like they'll all be individual 11 minute 'skit' type deals with 1 minor plot and gags. This means no over-arching story & no character development or changes as it progresses, because it won't progress.

Ok so like AoSTH, and not like X or SatAM. Really, there's not much of a way to decide if this is good or bad. It'll all be in how the show actually plays out once it gets on TV. You can do a lot of smart, funny cool stuff without an over-arching plot, but you can also do a lot of bogus drivel too. It's totally up to the show makers & plot writers.

#5 No chaos emeralds
Not in the show, not in the game.

Kind of weird if it's not in the game, but I doubt it'll destroy everything. You can still totally do plots without them, or the Master being the MacGuffin or whatever. Especially if the villain isn't Eggman trying to take over the world, which is what's being hinted at so far. They probably left 'em out of the show because there's no way to deal with them in 11 minutes. You're not going to get all 7 in that amount of time, nor be able to tell a "Super Character" (Super Sonic etc) story. So because it had to be simplified & the eps couldn't build on each other, it made sense to ditch the emeralds. Whether or not they'll actually put a Boom's cannon reason in or not is another question for later. "Oh we fell into another dimension where there are no emeralds & Knuckles is mutant".

For the show & the game trailer that's pretty decent & points out some hidden stuff.


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