Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Sonic Boom Sonic Gear Update

This week is another 2-part update.
There was so much Boom stuff that it took up all of the time. However, it now has its own section on the index, and a title card for the pages. Part 2 will have some store display items added, but everything else should be 'regular' items.

I don't want it to look like "Boom" is replacing everything.
I suspect the marketers behind it might want everyone to think that. "Stamp out classic AND modern Sonic!" make everyone love only Boom so that it replaces everything else for good, blah blah. Well, I 100% don't want that to happen, and I won't let it do that on SonicGear. I want to make sure that every update has something for everyone/variety, etc and not just spotlighting boom or something.

Prototypes galore:
The prototypes so far look good. Sure, they're all boom and there are some issues but the over all showing should generally please people who like the idea of it.

Looks hella better than Jazwares mutant meanies and ugly over priced tiny dolls that rot on shelves because no one thinks they look like the character. But this IS tomy...they've had the pokemon license for like forever so they had better know how to make plushes by this point. JW had no idea what they were doing with dolls and it has always showed.

Notice how they're missing elbow & knee joints and only have the most simple leg/hip joint. Tomy is capable of figures with elbows or knees (other lines have done it in the past) but this may be the "Itz 4 baaaabiezzz" catching up with the fandom. Because babies don't know what articulation is, and as long as the figure can be moved a little, people think that babies will be happy with it. If Boom is being pitched to "bring in a new generation of fans"* that equates to "sell it to 4 year olds", and everybody takes a hit on quality.

Figures 2:
Lack of joints being ignored...the figures are otherwise well sculpted. Sculpted bandages (not just the cheap route with painting them on) and LIKELY the use of CG models to make the characters look like the show. Notice how everyone was very on-model to the show clip. Likely a result of that. Good to see.

Pretty sad showing. Super Poser Silver is the only one that nobody had yet seen outside of prototype stage. And then they put up a damaged one to show at the fair...demonstrating a flaw in their packaging for all to see. They showed off that 'light up emeralds' pack & SBK Silver too. For them toyfair was more like 'toy-re-view'. Where's SBK Knuckles?

Eggman fan cake:
Hilarious, amazing, wonderful. This thing is the mark of a true fan. Having fun with a villain and pulling off such a fun design in such a cool way for a birthday is just a really great move.

I hate that sentence. It is so phony. It never works. It basically means "we're going to take whatever we have here, and dumb it down because we don't want to have to do a good job" You know how you bring in a new generation of fans FOR REAL? You CONTINUE making ACTUAL awesome stuff. You continue to produce the following:

accessible things (this means non-convoluted stuff you can just pick up)
quality things (everyone appreciate quality, even if they don't know what it is)
Fun things (certain types of fun are pretty universal. Can a baby play angry birds? Yes. Can a 50 year old also have fun with angry birds? Yes. Angry birds is thus a "fun" item for "almost anyone". That would be why angry birds is such a success, not because angry birds=perfect for babies alone)

So the "we have to dumb things down for "new" fans" is almost always a broadcast of "we are going to be really lazy now and then just say what we're doing is for babies because babies/new fans/younger fans do not know what quality is and thus don't care how lazy we are with products/shows/plots/books/whatever.

Notice that Sonic is accessible, he's a hedgehog w/friends who saves the world from Eggman and other villains. You don't need to dumb that down or "make it more accessible". How about Super Mario? When have they had to "re imagine him" for the "baby crowd"? Hint: they never did. And if anyone notices, Mario is still popular with pretty much everyone. (I don't mean the games where you had to 'save baby mario' that wasn't FOR babies, they weren't making something to draw in 4 year olds with that game)

Next half:
Non Boom stuff. May include lego building video.


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