Saturday, July 15, 2006

Sonic Gear goes International!

Sonic Gear has gone international!
Now you can read in NINE different languages! There's English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese! It's so great to be able to show people from around the world all the different Sonic the hedgehog items in their own preferred language. After all, it's a showcase of EVERYthing no matter where it's from, so you should be able to read it, no matter where you're from!

The translation software went through a recommendation by someone who actually speaks one of the other languages, and they rated it better than googletrans or babelfish, so it should be mostly affective if you want to read it in whatever language. I know some units just make a big mess, and people switch to English, even if they don't know it that well, to be able to make it out. This shouldn't be the case, here. It was surprisingly easy to do, taking only about an hour to set it up, and it looks like it's workin' fine.

If you press the non-latin-letters-using languages, like Japanese/Chinese etc. it kinda tweaks the formatting a bit, because their letters are so big. Shockingly though, it's nothing horrible or format-wrecking and will hopefully look nice and readable for anyone coming from there.

Anyway, this is such a cool milestone for Sonic Gear!


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