Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Video Fun & Frusteration

The new video pages for Sonic Gear seem to be a success.
There were TONS more great Sonic the Hedgehog ads, clips, and music videos than anticipated, making the new section a great success! With how simple it is to make pages of videos, the fun continues quite quickly with speedy updates. page has proved a bit unstable youtube's show clips are mysteriously moved and removed. Unfortunatly it also looks like 99.9% of youtubes' content is also against its rules! So there's not much Gear can do in the way of improving how the clips remain. A reasonable solution is to have the page viewers email if they find a broken clip. With dozens of clips, it would be impossible to 'police' them every day looking for ones that don't load.

A 'sneek peek' was in the wings (and still is) for the fall line of Toy Island Sonic action figures. It was delayed due to...boredom!
What? you may ask "a Sonic figure...boring? Thats outrageous!"

Well, not with TI's latest and lamest effort (or should we say affront!) The 2 new lines revealed are Megabot 2, and Super Posable. Well, the Super Posable figures stick to their name, with jointed knees and elbows. (presumably rotate-able hands/feet too) but so what, really because Space Fighters did that already. And MegaBot 2 is downright HIDEOUS. The figures are disgusting. Also, they're posting an exact dupe of the Sonic (with exploding robot) from their first series.

The only saving grace I can think of for Toy Island is that these new figures are still in the "Working" phase, and the end result won't be nearly as ugly or badly done. And that they'll put out a new pose or something to spice up Sonic. As for the Super Posables, they need work (round the elbows, people! It's not hard) but seem more of a "buy this" than that BS Megabot2.

Understandably, this update is not that impressive, just due to lack of quality. Plus, the videos are exciting, fresh, and fun to watch. The section is also pretty popular, so it gets a bit of a higher rank, at least until it's nicely established.


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