Thursday, June 22, 2006

Smells Like a Bendy

Attempting a bootleg alert!
As the previous post stated, I recently got several of the TopHeavy spring line Sonic X shirts. As you may also know, these come with a free individual pak bendy figure. But what you may not know, is that Gear has never been able to aquire the annoying Golden Bendy in the bendy 4paks. The 4paks aren't sold around here like they used to be when Sonic Adventure 1 came out. So the only other choice was to buy it on ebay, get dupes of 3 figures I already had, and a bendy box I also already had, for a REPAINT of 1 figure...for about 20$.
So I have now opened my single-Sonic and am re-finishing him with lovely 'antique gold' acryllic (it is plastic-ish paint) to see what happens. It may not be official, but I want that bendy.
Also note: if you put a raw bendy into an enclosed area, leave it there for a while, and then open whatever container you put it get the title of this post!


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