Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Top-Heavy Spring Line for Sonic

Today was a bit of a hit!
Went to Sears and got 3 new Sonic X shirts from Top Heavys' spring line. More of their standard, nothing 'wow awesome' like what comes from out of the country. Still BS sizes too, but at least these fit. The one outstanding one though, was the 15th Anniversary shirt. This one had rubber enhancements and a splashy design. Really is nice, if you can get it in your size.

The shots for the shirts will go up probably over the weekend, along with the forgotten Knuckles pic, and the frazes that the talking figures say...these were 2 neglected points.

If you pushed the 'oy' at the bottom, it leads to this because...
The "super section" counts on someone else (far away) finishing work on a DVD which they are not as fast with as I'd anticipated so the whole thing is stalled. And not in my hands, so perhaps the notifier should just get torn down because its postponed indefenetly till they do it.

Still, I've got a serious trick in store for over the weekend, that should REALLY impress and be loads of fun for everyone.


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