Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Space Fighters Complete

After several weeks of searching, the Space Fighters line is finally complete.
Went to Toys R Us thursday and picked up the last 2 figures, Shadow and Knuckles. They're a bit more impressive than the rest on the line, but Shadow dissapoints with the same lame head as Mega-Bots shadow.

See all the photos and review here: http://www.sonicgear.org/USAPages/ToyIslandSF.html

Scalping in the store was evident, as I picked up the last (hidden) Shadow among 4 Sonics and 5 Tailses. There were only 2 of Knuckles. Why can't everyone just not be greedy for cash at the expense of everyone else? I mean, making money is great, but irritating everyone else while you're at it is not.

Next up is the much-coveted "Figures & Emeralds" line, of which I have 0. They're just not out yet everywhere, and the constant re-stocking of the other older lines has me convinced even more that everyone just needs to hold their horses and wait on these things. We KNOW TI keeps their figure lines for like...ever as evidenced by the trotting out of that goofy 6inch figure line from Sonic Adventure 1.

As long as TI doesn't fold over-night like ReSaurus did (they won't, they have other lines besides Sonic) these things are in for the long haul. ReSaurus had other lines as well, but it ended under mysterious circumstances which have not yet been explained to the public.

In other news...
Things may get way better for all site-aspects soon. I am leaving a horrible job in favor of something which could make more money and not keep requiring these lame 12hr days (pile on 2hrs of website on top of that...THEN try seeing if you feel like doing an update to poor Gear) I mean, I managed to update anyway, but stuff could be better for Sonic Gear as well as Phantasy Star Dynasty when the days aren't so crazy.

Hopefully everything will work out to the absolute best outcome, and www.sonicgear.org will go from 'yay' to 'AWESOME' shortly. Also: Why havn't the search engines found it yet?


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