Monday, June 19, 2006

It's Video Time

It's video time for !
With video now so easy to get and stream on the web, why not add in some fun Sonic videos so you can watch as well as learn about everything Sonic the Hedgehog on Gear. So far are just clips of the shows from youtube, but it will have ads and game clips as well, to enhance those sections of the site in the future.

Also this week were more meddly type mini-updates which were just nags from previous ones. Like forgetting the front photo of Space Fighters Knuckles by Toy Island, and quoting the Giant Talking Figures. I also got a good box-back scan for the Mega Bot series up, to complete that (finally). The "Toy Island Series 2" page will be finalized with the layout when Sonic Gear gets a Figure with Emerald and can scan that box back. But with the way Toys R Us is going, who knows when that will be.

A few more behind-the-scenes type things going on as well such as the ever stubborn search button which STILL REFUSES TO WORK. I even isolated the stupid thing on its own page, thinking the code for the items on the index was somehow messing it up...but I guess that wasn't the problem...I'm beginning to run out of solutions! Still, be patint (maybe) as I am determined to get it working.

As of this update, the job of dumb has ended. Last day was friday, so no more mega time-hog wrecking up the updates. Thats why this one was as big as it was, even though it doesn't look it. Putting together a whole new page takes a good chunk of time, so it's nice to see a whole new one up this fast, especially with something as high tech as video content.

Next week!
Finally, got the content for next week (and maybe even the week after!) on the drawing board. Expect the Spring Line of Top Heavy clothing photos, a fun 'predictions' page where you may be able to guess at what's in-store for stores, and the beginning of the Sonic TV shows description page. (NOT to be confused with the current video page) This one will have lots of written content for your reading enjoyment! Especially now that I don't spend 12hrs a day typing at top speed, it looks much more-do able. Also...maybe even some top secret new Toy Island photos! And of the FALL LINE even! Wow!
*Update may arrive sooner then next week, keep checking back for more fun!


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