Friday, July 14, 2006

Videos Wrap Up...for now

Did you notice something new on the index of ?
That's right, the video section got its own link block! There were so many pages of fun Sonic commercials, show clips and trailer-like items that Video on the web needed its own block. This of course, has exposed a large blank space next to it. Wondering what goes there?
The games pages.
The games pages will be a BIG deal when they come out, with box art, reviews, clips, and screencaps. So then why isn't it here already? First, because a lot of other sites already have in-depth game coverage, and Gear does not want to duplicate what's already out there. Second, it's going to be a big load of complicated pages with a bunch of media that needs to be gathered, including reviews from an outside source.

But was there a REAL update?
You bet. More videos for the video section went up along with the nice new navigation. The commercials are pretty much wrapped up for now. There are a few rare ones, and of course the one with 'degraded sound' that need to be hunted down, but the bulk of the content is now up and watchable. The rest will come like the updates to the regular stuff, so keep checking back for more fun.


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