Sunday, August 02, 2009

ToyNetwork's Sonic License...expiring?

A plush update this week.

Hadn't had one in a while so it's a good thing that it worked out this way because there are plenty of plush fans and collectors. Plenty to see, but most are just clarifications on older things. Close up shots of more of the Fighters dolls, bead-foot Sonic who previously was only in a group shot, and a fan photo of the Super Sonic plush. Which...still doesn't look very good.

Speaking of not good...

ToyNetwork, makers of mutants and sullyers of Sonic...may have had their license expire. Someone did some investigating and it doesn't look like they're active in Sonic any more. Which is a GOOD thing, especially with their 'decal eye/understuffed nightmares' they've been producing of late. Plus, the entire Calander of Crud is their fault too. Them losing their rights to it can only be a good thing.

Who's instead?
Looking like KellyToy. Kellytoy has the ability to do all the sizes (and maybe more) that Toynetwork did, and their website does show all their wares, unlike toynetwork.

Hopefully this is good news, and hopefully it is for real.
ToyNetwork had been allowed to rampage and shoot out junk for way way too long. KellyToy doesn't have ideal dolls by any means, now that everyone has seen their inaccurate Silver, cross-eyed Cream and middling SuperSonic...along with EVERY single plush they've yet done having the way too long noodly legs. However their faces aren't disgusting or stupid like Toynetworks' tended to be, and if they do further editions of the dolls they'll likely fix the legs in short order. (As, it's believed they KNEW they'd gotten them too long, so in their official photos all the legs are curved back subtly, to make them look more proportional)

Hopefully again, this lets in a nicer new era of win-able Sonic dolls for amusments everywhere in the USA. They're also not that pricy if you need to buy instead of winning, and there's no sign of gimmickry anywhere. (no holiday garbage/lame varients for no reason etc.)

The rest of the update was mostly new shots at old things, and 2 new tees. One of them though is def. looking for another photo to help clarify just who is in the background. Blaze the Cat can be spotted (which is somewhat unusual) but there's sure to be more.

Next Week:
Looking like it could be calmer. Most of the KellyToy photos are in, and Jazwares isn't due to have anything else appear until fall. All good things, as the new page may finally be able to be added as well as some improvements...but, we'll see.


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