Thursday, June 25, 2009

Metal Sonic - Daaaam!

I was NOT expecting that.
The last update saw Jazwares' prototype 10inch Metal Sonic. And I am SHOCKED. A lot of the time, Sonic merchandise that's 3D can't really live up to any hype. There's just been so much...meh...stuff out there that you come to expect mediocrity and are 99% right. So-so plushes, over priced items, stuff that's rare for no goes on and on. And then...this.

Nobody's seen anything like it before.
It BEATS stuff you saw in the games. That NEVER HAPPENS. It's crazy. The games are always the 'top dog' for looks on things. Getting as close to them as possible (unless you're doing some obvious branch like classic, chibi, etc) is the grail. But beating them? Unheard of. The detail is appropriate too. This isn't hinging Sonic's spikes for no good reason like the super posers. It's little mechanical things down in the ankles and the fingers.

I know a lot of people were mad at Jazwares for their 'yellow Sonic' nonsense.
Were they going in for a money-grab? Were they trying to make up a license to be lazy and just feed the fans rehashed swill they dug up from ages ago? Resting on their flowerbeds because they made a decent werehog and all? Yellow Sonic shook the confidence. Shadow was sort of excusable but if you really looked into it he looked like repainting for money. People were worried where they were headed after those two.

Metal Sonic are the only 2 words anyone needs to hear now.
They are SERIOUS about making good things, it says. They've got someone on the team that knows what stuff's about and they're not afraid to work that person and give the ok to detail it up. That's what makes a great line/s. Further catering with the MS JUVI at the 'con is another good touch but the BETTER one is letting that thing on so people have an honest chance at him if they go online.

Super Faker Sonic shouldn't be swept under the rug.
He's still bad news if he prevents everyone from getting a real Super Sonic. Maybe the issue will resolve itself. With the werehog plush showing up and the 3inch upgrades it does look like they're really committed to doing the right thing so the point vs. him may just go away.

I have never really liked 'limited editions'.
They never seemed to serve that big a purpose except to make people mad. Stuff that's super popular and Crazy Good becomes limited edition anyway, without having silly stickers or restrictions put upon them. Look at ReSaurus E102Gamma. Heck, even look at Toy Island Eggman with Kiki! NEITHER was in any way limited when it came out but they were both reasonably priced and well done. Now look at them. You can't get the Egg/Kiki set for under $75.00.

People also love to abuse limited edition. Buy up 5, scalp everyone later! Make sure billie's birthday is horrible because his parents can't afford to pay triple! Buy up 7, make sure that NO ONE can pay the real price for them. It's just aggrivation.

The great thing is, 10 inch MS won't be limited.
Or at least nothing like that has been mentioned. And that's likely a great move because everyone's gonna want him. Even if they're not that big a fan, I don't think people can resist such an impressive figure. Plus if it's not limited, who cares? Buy 5, they'll get more in. Save him up and sell him to another generation of fans later. That's more acceptable because no one's getting deprived, no one's getting forced to pay doubles/triples/etc for no reason. If you don't buy him at retail when you have the chance and he's right infront of everyone at reg. cost...then yes you should expect to pay more later.

But will he action?
The unknown thing of the figure. No one ever mentioned if it was a giant action figure, or if it was some kind of statue. It's not obvious from the photo either. To me though, it doesn't matter either way.


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