Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Post Part 2

For update part 2!
Needed to do 2 updates in a row to try and get the mail to just normal. More EU things this time, including the Amy Plush from the newest EU set. The first publicity on them hyped the quality of the materials all up and down. With someone actually owning one of these dolls now, the entry moved off the prototypes page and onto the real area.
Well, the materials may be great, but the sculpt...isn't. The Amy though MAY be their weakest link, so it's still a bit early to judge. I mean, you can make something out of gold, the best material, but if you do a lousy sculpting job it's STILL gonna stink! They did a ok job only on her, as her head is suuuuper wide and her ears are pointed inward for no reason. On a plush with thumbs, finger-ends and top quality cloth that seems like an amature-hour mistake they just shouldn't of made. Hopefully someone will get a Sonic, Shadow or Tails from the set soon to balance it out.

Got the mail down to 90, so if you're still waiting for your items to be posted...you know why. Looking also to do an update on Sonic Universe now that it has kind of revealed what type of a book it's going to be. Also, got to encourage everyone to write in to the book because that one is actually claiming to listen to comments. May post another cover or some interior art to go with it, just to fill everything in and make the entry proper.

What's next?
Sonic Universe, MAYbe another action figure depending on if I can get it or not this week, hopefully no more stupid bootlegs I don't know what's up with those lousy theives churning out all thse items all of a sudden to clog up SonicGear. People want to look at things they might actually like, not the 900th ugly recolor or phony iron on. oy! /rant. Probably a mail variety plus the above two things if all goes well for next time.

Also remember that Sonic's Birthday is in June and that means a special week!


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