Thursday, April 23, 2009

Wrist Rotation Agitation

This was a sort of goodbad week for Gear.
First, with so many mails an actual error happened. The ONE important page of the update (SBK figure review) didn't go on. I just didn't upload the page. The review was done, the pics were on the server etc etc etc but the page? No. I guess 117 mails makes it really rather difficult.

The better part starts, sort of. The review said 'his wrists wont turn' and that of course, was rediculous. The last blog post talked about it even. It turns out that mine had it stuck with paint. I got pliars out of the tools and was finally able to start them rotating. I changed the review (it got better!) so that's another edit on top of that too. So not all figures will be that hard, but it was certainly enough to fool me into thinking they wouldn't go. Certainly, every other joint had no problem at all--and they're still not too loose. Still I'm glad I had to go back and fix everything because really, that makes the figure so much better.

I also jumped on it right away because I don't need the review influencing people wrong and also to confuse everyone into sending a zillion mails. Further, I took advantage of it a bit to get in a small mid-week update to try and keep the mail reigned in. I don't want any more error updates like this last one was. Still, all considering I think SonicGear's track record is pretty good for all the updates it's been through.

This upcoming week will still be mail bag. Nothing new-page wise. Getting the UPC codes for the super-super posers doesn't look like it'll happen so I'm betting they're not quite 'everywhere' yet. Not sure what to do about them either because I don't want to have to buy their "Super repaint shlocky Sonic". I don't want to contribute to encouraging companies to just put out any old thing. What would change my mind is extremely better eyes on the figure, or that the spikes can actually go up and he's not just Sonic dipped in yellow paint for a fast buck. Jazwares is doing so well so far....

Still, no one's gotten their hands on him yet that I've seen for anything 'out of the box' we'll see what appears at TRU. What about Super Shadow? Yeahprobably. Since he looks pretty much like in the game, I'll end up getting him and then doing the whole review thing for Gear. It'll refer to the original Super Posers page, but it will still have new pics and comparisons.


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