Monday, March 23, 2009

First South Africa Sonic Item

Well this week was a rather difficult update.
Only a minor theme emerged (Housewares) so I set up a bit of a 'world tour' type update again with stuff from all over. Part of what made it hard was mail was high again, and trying to get it down so that more of the Sonic Store can be tended to. Too many people (usually parents) facing a "Bad birthday party" if they can't find some good Sonic Gifts in time. The store when it is completed should help fix all of that...except the need for party decorations which are the #1 thing people are looking for (who write in) but CANT GET. Despite the huge supply, no company is making any current deco. Very dissapointing.

Most notable item:
South African Sonic X Pencil Case. That's actually the first item from that whole continent. Sort of surprising when you consider how big the joint is and how many countries over there could contain Sonic fans, but oh well. It's from McDonalds (a meal toy) so that makes people wonder if there's another (there should be...the things always came in sets) Of course unless you actually LIVE in Africa somewhere perhaps your perception isn't that its' covered in fast food joints. (Is it? I don't know) Still, it's great to add another country to the list!

Possibly a frivolous item this time too, with a 70$ chair that is guarenteed to be outgrown in like...a year or something. Yes, it looks pretty cool, but how about throwing the other 99% of the world who don't weigh 50 lbs a bone? And really 70 is pushing ones' luck for such 'disposable' furnishing.

Also pushing luck:
The QEE line. "Designer Vinyl" means you pay ten bucks for a keychain. That has a chance of not being Sonic and instead having his body but with a faceless-bear head slapped on top like some kind of logo-frankenstien monster. Yes that's right, they are using Blind Boxing too, to make sure that 'collecting them all' will cost you more than $70.00. Only want Rouge the Bat? Too bad, you just got 3 Tailses in a row and an Eggman, so that's 40 bucks--whoops!

That kind of stuff worked for things like the Gashapon set and those vending-figures and even claw game figures/dolls because they were CHEAP. Jam in some quarters or pences or whatever your coins are and a figure comes out. It's no problem to swap 'em because it's coins at a time. But now with a chance for dud-bear...yikes.

Next week:
Likely to be a mail grab bag again with no certain theme. A huge load of Mascot Suits came in, but that's got no rush on it and it's going to take time to sift through. Though, with Sonic Universe comic on the shelves now, expect Archie to get an update thrown in there as well with cover shot and details. The store may or may not do something before the weekend, but whenever it happens it's going to be more videos, to warp up the video section.

Special blog post alert:
Look out for the next post! It's a mid-week post and concerns a contest. (Yes I won a contest...because I entered Sonic Live (the comic) into a 'worst comic' contest)


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