Monday, March 23, 2009

Sonic Live wins Topless Robot Contest

You may or may not have heard of the site .
It is an entertainment/news/comics/video games/retro/humor blog type site with several fun articles or videos each day. If you like games, sci fi, comic books or general nerdery you'll probably like the place. It's run by a funny writer (sometimes bitter) and has a weekly contest. On this contest if you win it you get a Tshirt.

This past week's was "Worst Single Issue Comic Book":
You had to write a mini paragraph about the worst single issue comic you ever saw and why it is so bad. Of course, all the entries make for great humor too, so it's a good idea to read them. On a whim, because I didn't see it yet, I entered "Sonic Live" (The only comic to get the MUTANT tag on Gear) I didn't think anything would happen because there are a lot more famous comics doing dumber Barkley vs Godzilla and Spiderman vs. Public transit (hint: he loses) and Ghost Rider threatening kids in Canada who don't wear bike helmets. You'd really have to read them all.

I think SL won out of sheer oddity. Oddity AND dumbnity. As far as I know, no other comic pulled quite as horrible and strange a stunt as that (which is a good thing) which helped it along. Also encouraging was the fact that the guy hadn't heard of it before meaning SLive is rightfully really obscure because who wants that dumb thing out there polluting Sonics' name? Hopefully it'll continue to rest in obscurity and quit frightening the fans despite what I did.

I'm totally amazed it won, and it's kind of a goodbad that it did. Good that Sonic is in the media, but bad because of infamy of the book. Also the writer tore up on it as well which I'd hoped would happen because in that category the more the merrier. I've of course added a special micro-update to Gear containing the TR link as well.


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