Monday, June 22, 2009

Sonic's 2009 Birthday Week

This update marks the start of Sonic Birthday 2009 celebration.
The update will last all week long, with many new items posted on every day of the whole week to celebrate his birthday. This format was really popular with the site last year and everyone really loved it, so it's more of the same this year.

I'm also really happy to do it this way because it should help out a whole lot with the mail too. New record this week with 123 of it down to 99 on the first night. However, it won't be all storming through it because some non-mail related things should be going up as well, including Archie Update and that people who did the Joypolis honeymoon as well as any other bits that just couldn't fit in under the mail flood.

Item of the week:
Werehog plush. If it's not a hoax then it's proof Jazwares wants to dabble in plushes as well. All considered, this is likely a good thing because it looks 'ok' so far in the photo. WHY did they pick the werehog after one of their reps said specifically that the werehog plush had been 'denied' by Sega? No idea unless whoever that was had misinformation or Sega changed their tune. Face it: anyone is better than stupid ToyNetwork who needs to be fired immideatly. Preferably with actual fire upon their nasty ugly toys.

Will need more photos of this guy to make a final call though.
And speaking of JW photos, the call to the fans is going out because ToyFare Magazine 144 has some real good ones in it (reportedly) of some new stuff they're doing including a huge Metal Sonic that is not the JUVI everyone's already seen. Unfortunately on newstands that magazine can be dodgy to get a hold of so photos are important to get the info out to the fans who need to see this stuff. The 3incher should be in there too because those are their next-closest-to release.

The rest is just a basic scattering of items and some updates to info. 2nd edition toothbrushes (with raised designs) are a good addition to their entry though.

Archie will be updated. A rant may be added here in another post.
The rest is up for grabs as to what shakes out of the mail to add to the Archie update. The blog MAY update more as the week goes on, depending on how much commentary there may be for the stuff.


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