Monday, July 13, 2009

Sonic America Update

Havn't had a themed update in a while.
It was nice to be able to do one again, though it was rather gruelling due to so much stuff. However, everyone should find it quite worth while. The interesting item of the post came along with a "we're closer to 'everything Sonic, ever' " this time with Earmuffs. Yes, Sonic the hedgehog earmuffs. And they're not bad either!

GE Entertainment made classic styled Sonic earmuffs. They're a pair of plush heads for your ears. They used the "Sonic facing foreward" old stock art so you'd think they'd be kind of 'off' looking because that old stock was never brilliant to begin with and was never his best angle. However...they did a great job of it, actually improving it from the look of the earmuffs. GE looks to be a company who really wants to innovate and also satisfy the fans. I'm thinkin' this is a good deal!

Calander of Crud- returns?
As you've likely noticed, the bad ol' calender of crud hasn't had a new addition in quite a while. Was it finally winding down? Did it actually archive all the holiday horrible plushes made? It was kind of with a note of 'hmf' that I thought of the possibility of the section turning into an archive as it closed up due to showing everything at last. Why? Probably for the same reasons as everyone else: that stuff was SO BAD you just wanted but sort of didnt want to see more just to see what new monstrosity was around the next corner. What boogieplush was in the next closet?

No need to fear (yet at least) or well maybe it should be 'need to fear' because this week a really dumb Valentines Sonic showed up and gave me the chance to yell at it on the page.

The other highlights include GE Entertainment keychain selection (more of that flat good quality rubber stuff...they chose some real nice art too) and apparently they're getting into pins with some nice efforts that should please the pin collectors.

In all, it was a long but varied update and there's plenty to see.
Next week?
Next week's update could be DELAYED. Note it now, but the update could be a day late or maybe not. It shouldn't affect the content of the update though.
Also, a new page will likely appear that week to handle another kind of Sonic Stuff. It's time for part of the Sonic Fan Events section to break off and become something else so be sure to have a look, as not only will things move, but new ones will appear as well.


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