Monday, July 06, 2009

SonicGear- Running on time

A good week this week for updates!
All the mail that came in, went out. That's really something too, as the Bday week cleared out a lot of the backlog making something like this week possible. There's still many older mails but those can be taken care of as mid-week updates or suppliments to the regular ones.

Interesting item of the week-
Clyez city Sonic statues. I had been meaning to add these last year when they appeared, but didn't get the chance. They really are remarkable to see, as it's the equivelent of a whole town square putting on the Sonic. It may or may not be too late to drum up more interest for PSU if anyone sees the statues on gear. Yes, the smaller collectibles will be added too, most likely on this upcoming week's update while the whole thing is still going on. Jaggo Sonichi will also be thrown in there.

Company Shennanigans-
BLAH I am tired of those. More people writing in again on that new plushes on toyglobe set...they're pushing the release date around but we won't have long to wait on this one, as it's july 10th. The last one was june 20th. This sort of shuffle just creates more work and gets people hyped over nothing. But, you do have to wonder what's going on. Why less excitement here? The plushes initial photos don't look very good. Silver is especially pathetic.

l33t photoshop m4sters? Oh they'd like to think so. Got a couple submissions from some sites announcing the sale of the Jazwares shooping stock art onto photos of empty boxes! That's not even a prototype, it's nothing. It's also not getting on Gear because it does not represent any actual item at all. Artist Renderings such as the Gaya Ent. keychains/chess set etc are just fine because they're rendered to look AS close as possible to the real deal once it's released. They're just making up something to fill space that's not a "?" on a black backgorund.

Does that kind of thing help or hinder sales?
Get people more or less excited for the product?

Personally I think it would do nothing either way for sales/pre orders because if you do that type of thing you already KNOW you want it and no sh00pery or lack-there-of is going to convince you otherwise. As for excitement, I'd say it wouldn't do much but dissapoint me. If you're going to say 'we're gettin' em!' that's really great. But don't make up picture-lies and sub 'em in. I do believe people will tolerate a bit of mystery and prefer it over some non-existant thing. After all you were excited to catch a glimpse of the product because they said they had photos...and then you get nothing instead.

This week was basically some good solid stuff. Next week? Mail. No new page is in the works because they were already added on the bday update spree. The next new section is in the planning stage which is a revamped 'shows section' which crosslinks to the SonicGear Store now that it is full of all of the episodes anyone may need. The shows area as it is now is just some clips and minor description. Everyone would likely prefer screen caps, summary, clips and the ability to collect, so that'll be the goal on it.


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