Monday, December 09, 2019

Holiday Season Sonic - Nice

The verdict for holiday season 2019 is:
The 'naughty' Boom-ban making things boring is well and gone this season, and it shows. There's plenty of watches, socks, pjs, tees, and accessories to show for it. Even Target is getting back into the Sonic swing of things with new offerings. Fans of all sorts can have Sonic items under the tree or anywhere, and that's always great news.

Wave 2 of Jakks Pacific Bendies is: Out NOW
If you read this blog, you can pester your Target store for the bendies as of reading these words because fans are reporting them on shelves.

Opinion Zone:
Good. It doesn't matter that wave 1 is still on shelves, it's the holidays, hopefully kids are getting several of these as gifts now that there's more characters. I will also be getting these for my own collection as I am a figure collector.

K-Mart Closing-
As part of SEARS, K-mart was expected to have some Sonic stuff around, and it often did. Exclusives were always debatable, but if you wanted something at an ok price you could get it. They also ended up with a few of the zany/cheap watches in the end. It's too bad these guys are closing and after this round there won't be any left in the USA. However, their prices on things were often mediocre and could be beaten elsewhere so...they weren't free of issues.
But, if you've still got one, you can give one last try for tees, watches, or a random accessory.

Movie Ban?
It's been fan-asked whether the ugly moviesonic will create some kind of 'movie ban' where they try to stamp out both modern AND classic Sonic in favor of that hairy gremlin. Well, this has been a fear from day 1 of it, and's going to remain a fear because of course, everyone involved will lie a yellow streak a mile long if they think it means milking more money. They lied about Boom, they're gonna lie about this too. Basically all we can do is hope that the answer is 'no ban' , because Sonic is cool and that thing isn't.

Next Week:
More accessories. Leading up to Xmas will focus more on 'stuff you can get now' because people are looking to build their xmas lists and fill stockings with Sonic ideas.


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