Sunday, July 21, 2019

Cameo Upcoming & A Show Stealer

First off...
Next week's update will probably be delayed, maybe by a day or so. It's not a big deal.

Item of the week: F4F Sonic & Tails.
All around super-duper-classic item, they literally never disappoint on detail. This display makes perfect use of their materials (clear, semi opaque, etc) and their artists' super ability to capture things accurately and come up with something that genuinely looks dynamic.

This week's update though, featured another winner from F4F.
Badnik RhinoBot steals the show! Wow, is the sculpting and attention to detail on this super excellent. It LOOKS like it would be a real item that would come after you. Everything from the tread on the tire to the double metal textures and inset's pretty much amazing.
However, it's also something else.
It's realism in Sonic item done RIGHT. That stupid BS #notmysonic movie is the antithesis of this item. The rhinobot is still 'a cartoon', but it's not whacko uncanny like some of those pokemon in the movie because it's true to form and the texture didn't ruin it. It looks "mean" because of the metal visor's position over the googly eyes that it has. You can tell Eggman designed it that way to 'menace' Sonic or other animals as it rolls around.
It is just very cool.

Yeah Sonic never really leaves the pop culture scene / mind. Coloring hedgehog things blue is just 'a thing now' because of him. It seems like every show/whatever wants in on this joke bandwagon no matter how old it gets. It's fine, but unsurprising.

A Cameo Alert?
That's rare, because usually they are just a token random thing in a Sega game or some related item like Phantasy Star. However, there is an upcoming cameo that nobody really expected, and it is
1. Different

In the Cartoon Network produced show OK KO (a comedy kind of simple animation scribble people type show) Sonic will........for some reason......appear. YES fully animated, YES voiced, AND TAILS TOO! So like, why is he showing up on this fairly new show? The show isn't even CN's biggest hit? Like, how many OK KO fans are out there? People like worship Steven Universe and whatever, but this thing? It doesn't seem to have the same 'bigness of deal-ness'

So why would Sega agree to it?
What's the point of it?
Why would CN ask for him to cameo in THIS show out of all of them?

Next week's update will have the literal video of where he appears, ahead of the August 4th Air Date so you can see it or choose to 'toon in'. However, it's super unlikely that the show itself will explain why or how he's there. Nothing like this has been done before anywhere other than Wreck it Ralph...but there at least he had a plot reason to appear.

Next Week's Update:
It will have quite a few tees as well as the cameo video.


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