Tuesday, May 14, 2019

New Page: Japan Sonic Collectible Cards

At SonicGear, a new page usually means a new blog post.
So, here we go with Japan Collectible Cards. These aren't phone cards (those have had a page for ages), but cards of all other types. This was brought on by the discovery of SA1 Collectible Cards. And...it's pretty odd because why not before now?
SA1 was in 1999, its 2019 and this is the first we see of these? You can have a look at the page and see all the materials for them, and realize that there's loads, and they were inexpensive enough upon release (100 yen for a pack) so why didn't everybody have and post photos of these?

That mystery may never be solved but the whole thing of them went for about 600 Euros or so when it was put to ebay. There were so many photos to cover the cards though, that it meant a new page was in order. Then, all the other cards went off of Misc/Random Items, and onto that page too...so some of those are shorter now. I generally try to avoid shuffling stuff around (in case someone was referencing it) but when a category demands it...oh well, it keeps it better organized.

Bio World is Back!
Good for them! Their shirts were generally a hit with shirt collectors and...just anybody who wanted Sonic tees. They were often praised/asked about by site viewers. Of course, the BoomBan affected them, but now they seem to be back for real, with fun modern and classic designs to please the fans. They actually seem to put an effort into like 99% of their stuff..........which...tops SegaShop, which is sad to actually have to say. A lot of SS items (not just tees) keeps feeling like almost-a-bootlegger-level where someone is just picking up stock art and sending it to China to slap it on over priced goods. They don't involve design at all sometimes, while BW generally does, or it employs something interesting like Glow in the Dark.

It feels like the Boom Ban is really seriously ending
More modern stuff, more modern characters on stuff, Sonic items in stores again like Spencers, Game Stop, JC Penny, Amazon, and even Old Navy. Well FIVE YEARS??? Boom's first episode was released in 2014 , and now its 2019, so that's nearly 5 years of that stupid BoomBan...ish. Because merchandise isn't really fast. It's slow to go, slow to get to market, and slow to return. So, you'd still have been finding something with say...Shadow on it in 2015 or maybe 2016, every now and then, but then it all petered out and only now is stuff getting back to normal.

Yes that's on people's minds too....
Yes it could happen....
However it does SEEM unlikely to happen. That disgusting movie freak #notmysonic ...obviously they're going to want money, just like Boom-style did. So, is it time to set about stamping out Tails, Knuckles & throwing away all other characters? The movie executives probably think so, and if it makes more than like 100 bucks that sort of thinking could catch on. Can you imagine 5 years of that filthy stupid goblin on every single merchandise and ZERO of anything else?
What a trashy thought.
Dividing up Sonic more, making bad rubbish versions and denying fans cool stuff is not the way to success. Hopefully the movie just fails outright and never releases or the re-do of the gross graphics make it cost too much and the companies hate it when they don't make any money off it.

Power Rangers Cautionary Quote:
Do you remember the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers?
It sure was all the rage. But, even at the time people said it was 'rubber monster hokey' and made fun of it constantly. Then, it was announced that it would get a movie. As usual, this movie came 'late in its game', not at the height of its popularity, just like how Angry Birds, and The Simpsons went with their movies. Well, there was a movie excec interviewed and the cautionary quote comes from him....

"Oh yes, everyone should come to the Power Rangers Movie, they'll come to see just how bad it really is! After all, we know everyone makes fun of it, so we'll put on a big-screen show!"

And that's the danger of the Sonic movie.
People 'just how bad it is' looking is still giving those fools money. They don't care if you're hate-watching or 'cringe-topia' they're still getting the dollar. There's waaaaay too many youtubes and others swearing they'll go just to do memes and make fun of it.

But that's like supporting a bootlegger and giving it millions in sales while Sega starves* because 'the ugly doll is funny'.

*Sega's not going to starve, but the point is if you want cool stuff don't buy bad stuff and ignore cool things.

Next week:
More shirts, most likely.


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