Sunday, July 08, 2018

Hiring People That Don't Care: A Sonic Example

Sometimes companies hire people who don't care.
How can you tell? Well, because this is a merchandise site: merchandise mistakes! But the culprit this time is something you wouldn't expect...The Sega Shop!

Well me too. That expensive website for Sonic (and other) Sega merchandise has someone working in it that doesn't care about Sonic. Much like some of the early Archie artists that had no idea or care what the characters should look/act like, whoever's putting the site together doesn't know their basics and proves it every now and then.

Current case:
The Ultimate Life Form Shadow Mug.
You can see it as an entry on the site this week (At USA Homegoods page) but the description for the thing on the SegaShop itself is abysmal. First, they say that's Sonic there on the mug, and then that he is referred to as 'the ultimate life form' because Sonic is the best.  Would your grandma know these things? Probably not. But the real question is would anyone EXPECT her to? No, also. Some casual person could tell Mickey Mouse apart from Sonic, but couldn't pin Shadow's 'title'/designation' to him.

The problem is when you've got somebody doing descriptions for very obviously marked up goods on your website that you can't respect the potential buyer enough to describe it correctly. If you're getting some non-fan web designer to do the work at least give them a picture chart of characters with their names under it or something so they don't go writing ANT MAN on Spiderman merchandise because 'well they are both bugs'. So they didn't care to hire a fan, AND they didn't care enough to give a chart of characters so whoever this is can tell Blaze apart from Cream (well they are both girls so its easy to confuse..........mammals....) so that's like 2 layers of not caring. I mean, if it was cheap stuff like 5 dollar pins or bargain socks or something....well...stinks but 'cheap is as cheap does', but this is like 3 tiny pins for 30 dollars, fake fleece blankets for 56 bucks when the same thing sells for 18 at Target /'s an insult.

*No I'm not nitpicking over just one instance of 'they dont know who these characters are' if you actually go there you'll find a few of them in 2018/summer.

Next Week:
More looks at the Dance Power CDs, probably more housewares.


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