Monday, May 28, 2018

Net Neutrality & Sonic Gear: 1 Success

Well, Gear's still here.
The dire warning that's been sitting up there since December or so has paid off, as people DID do as asked, and did senator phone calls, wrote letters, and made a lot of general noise about net neutrality. A victory happened when three more people who used to be against it, turned to for it, once they heard everyone's Gear can continue to exist however there are 3 more fights ahead.

This is the next one, supposedly. Remember, this is the government and everything is really (relatively) slow so it's not like win or lose over a week. People are hoping you will get bored and go away and forget. Because if this loses the chance of getting NN back is reduced to near nothing. Why? Taking NN away LITERALLY takes away your ability to complain about it in any way and simply erases everything that has a word for Net Neutrality.

A bunch of dirty stuff:
So the anti-nn group's just been caught forging signatures & letters of 1 dem & 1 republican senator. Pai Ajit has just also been found to have taken another 400 grand in money to try and erase NN. As if the whole thing wasn't dirty enough this gets piled on there. There are better places to read about it than on here though, and with more facts. But, because Gear is trying to make a rallying call because I DO have a voice & an audience it's important to at least explain some things.

Item of the week:
The Eggman Puma Shoe! For everything the Sonic shoe does wrong, this one is doing right. THIS is the example of 'subtle design' that has to do with the character without naming or showing it on the merchandise. This would be a shoe that Eggman would make. (though his would probably have a gun in the heel that shoots a spiked ball at hedgehogs & feature self-tying laces) How can they get one shoe so wrong and the other so right?

Paperchild Keychains: Yes these are paperchild inspired and yes they're wacky and cute.
But what's the deal with 'limited'? WHY limit it? Oh we're going to make this cool thing and then let like 100 people buy it and that's it because we don't like money? As far as merchandise, I never had a problem with something pre order exclusive, or some kind of anniversary or special deal that's limited somehow. But for every day stuff that's just fun & normal not commemorative/release/whatever it seems dumb to limit it.

Boom Keychains:
They are reasonably priced. Isn't THAT a shock? Are they literally the first Boom thing aside from shirts that costs a normal or even bargain/fun/enticing amount of money? It's sure possible. Tomy seems to love trying to pick everyone's wallet with lower-quality stuff...(notice how it took forever to get fan photos of anything that's because nobody's buying their stuff much) But these Boom chains at 1.99 each are incredibly reasonable and designed cute enough that it would be way tempting to just collect them all. That's the kind of thing I like to see!

Next week:
Tees to be sure. Probably some kind of rallying call for Net Neutrality because if it fails at any point it's real likely Gear will too. 


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