Monday, July 08, 2019

Jimquisition: Another Point vs. #notmysonic Movie & Odd Item

This week sees yet more of the liquidated Japanese collection going up...
But it also sees the rather oddball...

Item of the week:
The Whoopee Cushion. Just when you thought that Sonic couldn't go onto a more obscure item, here comes the joke cushion with great big Sonic imprint right on there. It's a bit of a cheap-grab type item, because it's one of those Chinese 'brand-anything' stamper type things...not a cushion designed specifically around Sonic themes.
But it still counts.
It's from Gameworks, which makes sense because those 'prize counter' ticket win places like to have cheapo goodies to tempt tickets away from players at the end of the visit. Things like the yoyos, ez-brand beach balls, probably water bottles and other plastic goodies fall into the same category where the same Sonic/Gameworks graphic is stamped onto every generic thing and put behind the ticket counter.
But really, did you ever think you could see or collect an officially licensed Sonic the Hedgehog Whoopee Cushion?

I sure didn't.
So here's this blog post.

But so that it's not just about a farting plastic doohicky from days gone by....

The Jimquisition:
It's an 'internet personality' guy who covers video games. It stars "Jim Sterling" as a character who is as pompous and obnoxious as it can be on purpose for gags and silliness in reviews and points. Of course he has an intro theme song about himself and all the usual stuff...and just as usual as that is the show jumping on the hate-bandwagon of that BS Sonic Movie #notmysonic garbage.

Hating on this thing is justified and it brings the views, but he brings a point that it seems like even I did miss & it's interesting enough to write about because it doesn't make a lot of sense.

1. Companies pay a lot of money for a person or a thing.
2. They use whatever they bought as much as possible to 'get monies worth'
3. This often leads to badness or over-use of the thing/person in whatever they made

Stallone in Judge Dredd movie 1.
He took the helmet off so you could see the expensive face & he could do acting. *Anyone who ever even looked up Judge Dredd knows why this is a problem in 1 instant: his whole cannon was that literally no one ever saw his face after he became a Judge and it's a huuuuge deal in the core material/books/comics/anything.

RDJ in Iron Man
He always takes the helmet off even when he wouldn't/shouldn't/it doesn't go with the plot & there are movie cameras inside the helmet so you are always seeing his expensive face. They paid him to go in there so you will see him every second they can muster to get monies worth. This doesn't make the movie/s BAD, or HIM to be bad, it's just "A thing" that always happens.

Of course, those are only 2 among hundreds of examples of the same thing. Bay is known for it in his Bayformers movies, shoving brands all over so he can use their stuff for free.

So why then........did they PAY for Sonic & then....NOT PUT SONIC?
It doesn't make any sense. You paid for Sonic, and all he stands for/comes with, and then use exactly zero of it by making a filthy manhog abomination and having Jim Carrey ham it up as Jim Carrey and just labeling that as eggman. I can use a sticky label to write "CAT" on a dog, but that won't make it one, either.

The mystery he brings up is forever unsolved though...
But it's almost like breaking a law of physics--it's a secret law hidden in the background but always obeyed like gravity. Companies wringing out money to the detriment of everything......and then somehow disobeying this 'wring money'???

The other main point is:
Cannon WORKS.
He uses the example of Spiderman vs Mysterio who is a 'traditionally goofy' looking villain because he has a clouded bowl sphere helmet and big cartoon cape. He's very comic-bookey but yet, here he is in a serious picture on the big screen and......the movie is succeeding.

His examples are that the failed everything in the 90s & whenever up until like the first Xman movie (and even a little then) just. could. not. trust. cannon. The first Xmen tried to stamp it out by making fun of the comic book suits and putting black leather everything. Then you had 'galactus' on the big screen and they made him be a wierd cloud because can't trust cannon. Like Batman had to be campy and couldn't do serious stuff, or actually be a detective because they didn't trust the cannon.

But then, surprise, the cannon stuff works because............
That's what they spent all the money to acquire. It was already succeeding! That's why they bought it! So they buy it, then they take away all these parts that 'dont fit' and when it doesn't succeed, they blame fans.

Do watch the video if you get 20 minutes to annoy yourself.

More justice?
Apparently Dragon Quest will get justice too, it's movie is in universe and all CG, and apparently the characters look correct with the games & there's that famous blue slime drop thingy everyone sees. How is it that all these other titles seem to be able to get a movie that's at the least respectable?

Next week:
An eclectic batch of stuff with some good variety, probably.


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