Thursday, December 30, 2010

2nd update for the week!
Really trying to get things back in control here by posting as much stuff as possible. Need to fight back against all the stupid technical difficulties & delays that have kept the site weighed down with blah updates and not enough fun stuff.

Annoying item:
Angry wall clock. Seriously? That's like the ONLY picture of Sonic you wouldn't want on some big bold lame analog clock on your wall. Why do you want angry hour, every hour? Rage-a-holic nonsense on whoever designed that thing. Yes yes 'steamin' Sonic' the stock art is not often represented but who wants a grump?

Clearly, one of my favorite collectibles. Inexpensive, useful, show-off-able, stylish, easy to store & easy to display. You can't go wrong with lots of these. Good to see the week getting a nice sprinkling in regular & winter wear. Still need to own several though...hurry up Sears.

Several things moved around behind the scenes this week as well, going off of international unknown and getting info added. Another update IS likely for tomorrow as well, to finally get the new JW stuff up, and the pile of fan items which has accumulated as well. Depending how well it goes, the First4Figures Metal Sonic statue/info will also show up. Trying to move the site into the new year on a good note...


Blogger Marshall said...

The red Sonic shirt in the Winter Wear 3 page, Bioworld Merchandising made it, and it costs about 10 dollars normally

10:11 AM  

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