Wednesday, December 29, 2010

All-Day Update

What does updating the site all day do?
Makes for a lot of fixes, and also a lot of items added. So...into the content!

Sonic Colors Wisp Pack USA-
This thing went up this week, and also into the SonicGear collection. Opinion? Dissapointing! As the entry says, why not just port over the one they released in Australia? At least THAT Sonic would be different. AND you're essentially paying 13 dollars for 2 wisps. You know everyone's got at least 1 Sonic already from their previous releases. (If not, kudos, I guess?) I would have liked to see them release him with the open hands/ability to hold wisps.

Prediction/Hope: WISP PACK. Give us some kind of multi-pack with all the wisps. Either throw in open-hand Sonic or don't, just put out a wisp pack. What's this going to do? Irritate everyone who dropped 13 on the first thing up there, that's for certain. Extra good: resculpt the white one into Yakker, spread the tentacles out so it stands up better. It would be a waste to not use all the wisp molds they made anyway.

Sonic Earbuds-
With just his face sticking out of people's the rest of his body in their head?? I mean this is one of those designs that may look better on paper than in practice. Still, the whole thing is well sculpted, it's just a shame about all the reports of poor sound.

This also knocked out a couple more of the known 'bad code' pages, so future hold-ups will be far less common. I hope.

Trying to plan another update, maybe for tomorrow. The mail is going well, but there's a lot of stuff to go. Expect t-shirts!


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