Monday, December 06, 2010

Update: Back on Track

This week's update SEEMS to be back on track.

The new-new-golive has only crashed 1 time upon the update. There ARE still lingering problems (pages that are messed up) and 2 forms of time-gobbling black-hole remain:

1. The old 'bad code' that lingers on any page outright ruins it, sprouting link-warnings everywhere and forcing a re-do to shut everything up. Most of this was cured upon the last 'fixing/nonupdate' last week.

2. The old 'bad code' that was previously benign (and thus hidden, even from me) has returned for revenge on pages. Sure they LOOK fine but it renders them un-edit-able and un-update-able, so the whole page has to be re-created from scratch in order to get it going again. So far 2 of these little nightmares have appeared on this update. Who knows how many more pages have it lurking.

You'll notice that the update is still of a pretty good size. That's a credit right there to this bettergolive and how nicely it works. So you can imagine that it'll do much, much better when all this fix-it hassle is out of the way. I take that as a good sign. Certainly there IS enough catching up to do.

Yes my least favorite section had the largest part of the update this time. Loads & loads of cheap junk and garbage are here to festoon Bootlegs 11. Why is it a least-fave? Because what would you rather look at, horrible stupid things you'll never buy or awesomely cool new stuff? Bootleg-Avoidance, however, is a necisary evil. It has to keep people updated on what these fakers are letting out...but it shouldn't have to be the star.

What is the elusive allure of the puffy sticker?
I don't know. But I kind of like them.

Item of the week:
Personal one this time, and hidden away a little too. The wii fit Sonic theme pack. I really want that silicone step cover...why can't it release to worldwide?

Next update:
Going to try for a mid-week. It should have Jazwares stuff on it, Clear Espio, and some other things that have come in and been pushed to the side by the recent troubles. Hopefully no other wrecked pages are in conflict with that. The less of those that are encountered, the larger the update will actually be.


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