Tuesday, October 05, 2010

TopHeavy Fall Line 2010

2nd half goes off without a hitch!
The site may be back on track again. 2 new pages this week help to illustrate that, along with a really big set of updates.

The highlight of this second round is EASILY TopHeavy's fall line of shirts.
Everything got onto Winter Wear, and it's not to be missed. Bringing in the newest Sega stock art, and not clogging the works with 'classics' that everyone already owns a billion of...the fall line really impresses. They weren't afraid to use new color combinations and throw in fan-fave characters like...

The Chaotix!
FINALLY a Chaotix shirt! It may star Knuckles, but it still features them nicely. This one's going to be a must-have for me, along with the new Shadow shiny ink one. It's actually reccommended to never really wear those shiny ink shirts to keep them at their best...but I can't resist collecting/displaying it. Top Heavy continues to impress with great design and good choices. Hit your Sears, people!

*When I (or fans) can find and confirm prices/locations a tweet will appear.

Fan Shadow Car-
Tikal strikes again, with this very stylish item. Real ingenuity going on here...the effect could likely be replicate-able by dedicated fans...who have cars.

Bootleg spam on ebay:
SonicGear USED to have some fan submitters dedicated to trawling ebay for the latest shirts but the floods of garbage have scared them off. Don't fear, shirt collecting...anyones..reading this...I'll still bring in the photos no matter how many "RObbeez brithday" items get in the way.

Yes the Super Poser Tails initial (official) photos are on, but he's still pending a real review/turn arounds. I've yet to get a hold of this or the 10 inch Sonic. Stores in some areas may be slow.

Next Week-
Full reviews if I can get the JW items, and random stuff no matter what. More TopHeavy IS anticipated, this isn't their whole fall line.


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